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cool downtown manhattan meeting spaces All expenses paid work trip to NYC? Finally, your boss has given you some good news! Not much stress is placed on you when work is arranging all of the details for your arrivals at the cool downtown Manhattan meeting spaces. However, you’re going to New York City! You have the chance to explore the city during your free time. To minimize expenses and wasted time in traffic, and without the “tourist” sign on your back, your best bet is to take the subway. All the letters, numbers and colors may seem confusing at first, but here are some tips to ensure that NYC public transportation is much easier than hailing a yellow cab on a busy street corner.

  1. Downtown and Uptown trains go in different directions 
    You may know that you’re supposed to take the A train, but if you take the A train in the wrong direction, you will not end up at the cool downtown Manhattan meeting spaces you intended to. Always make sure check which staircase you are going down. From SoHo, Uptown trains usually include Queens and the Bronx in their descriptions as well. Many Downtown trains will include Brooklyn as the final downtown manhattan meeting spaces
  2. Train colors do not indicate identicalness – only similarities! 
    The orange line, also known as the BDFM trains, run on the same line for a majority of the Manhattan stops, but the lines split as they go further uptown and downtown. Additionally, some of the trains on this line may run express in some areas. You do not want the train to skip the stop that would deliver you to the cool downtown Manhattan meeting spaces. The same goes for trains that leave from the same station – while their stops may intersect at this station, they are probably headed elsewhere afterwards. cool downtown manhattan meeting spaces
  3. Google Maps IS your friend 
    After purchasing an app that listed delays and train directions, Google Maps is now equipped with the software to not only tell you which train to take, but also where the entrances to that train are. It lists the times of arrival, alternate routes, track work that may cause delays and cancellations on lines. Pull out your phone in the station if you’re unsure and double check before you end up far, far away; all of the stations now have WiFi to connect to!cool downtown manhattan meeting spaces

Still not confident in your subway-riding skills? Just use this map from MTA to make sure you’re going the right way!

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nyc creative conferenceWhat’s the best way to get rid of any workday blues at your NYC creative conference? The right lighting, of course! If your employees feel like they’re sitting in a gloomy, dark, grey room, then they’re more likely to become uninterested, tired, or bored. On the other hand, if the lights are too bright, this can cause headaches which will almost certainly make your employees less productive. Lighting is an important aspect of the effectiveness of your next NYC creative conference, because it can set the mood of the day. One solution is to focus on using natural lighting. Having windows in a creative meeting space can give a soft light to the room, while also allowing your employees to enjoy the views. For more tips on what lighting is best for mood and productivity, check out this article from Inc.

nyc creative conference

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manhattan creative spaceThe Whitney Biennial is the longest running series of contemporary art in the United States and 2017 is a stand out year in the collection. The exhibition is located at the Whitney Museum, a favorite Manhattan creative space directly under the southern entrance of the High Line. While the Whitney is open all year round, many of the exhibits rotate, making the experience something special for newcomers and regulars alike. The Whitney Biennial utilizes the Manhattan creative space to its fullest ability, filling all six floors of the museum with works from the selected artists.

manhattan creative spaceThis year, the seventy-eighth installment of the series, the key themes are the formation of the self and the individual’s place in society. Sixty-three artists’ works were selected. These works range from painting to performance to video game design.

The best part about the Whitney is that it closes late on Fridays! After the work week is over you can gather your team and head from the Manhattan creative space that you call the office and make your way to the museum to experience the exhibit that is only open until June 11th. The Meatpacking District is also full of a shopping selection that rivals our SoHo neighborhood as well as fun food options.

The Whitney is located at 99 Gansevoort Street in Manhattan. Use the subway to get there from our Manhattan creative space or take a nice walk there through the West Village.

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nyc offsite eventWe all know that coffee gets you energized, but there are several other benefits that come with drinking a morning cup of joe. While drinking it at the wrong time may have negative side effects, like a rockier sleep schedule and increased blood pressure, consuming coffee in moderation and at the right times can have a tremendous effect on your workday. At an NYC offsite event, you’re hard at work all day long – brainstorming with your team, doing creative exercise, and planning out projects. Coffee can actually help you learn faster, which allows you to consume more content and produce new ideas more quickly. This is an incredibly helpful attribute for entrepreneurs who are always eager to learn new things. This article from Entrepreneur details some more ways that coffee can affect your productivity, and makes a good case for picking up a cup on your way to your next NYC offsite event!

nyc offsite event


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best nyc meeting spotSo you run an international company. It is time for your big quarterly meeting, but this year, airline prices are at an all-time high. It will prove difficult to fly out all of the top officials from your international offices. What should you do? This year it is time to pick the best NYC meeting spot and hold a meeting where your international counterparts report virtually. As long as you have a projector, plenty of space for the employees that will be reporting in person, and a hefty time-frame to account for the troubles of time differences, then the meeting should go efficiently, but more importantly, cost-effectively.

What are some benefits of holding a big meeting online?

  1. More Attendees
    Big meetings do not usually allow for every international employee to attend, not only for cost reasons, but also because someone needs to stay back and run their respective office. The company cannot go into complete sbest nyc meeting spothutdown for a meeting. However, virtually, not just the highly ranked professionals will have the opportunity to attend. Other members of the office will be able to peek their head in, speak their mind, and gain insight on what is going on in terms of the bigger picture of the company.
  2. Less Time Wasted
    The more people there are in one room, there more opportunity there is that something will go wrong. The stuffy spaces that accommodate hundreds of people restrict movement and take more time to set up and break down. Choosing the best NYC meeting spot instead will allow for space, catering so that no one has to step directly out of the office, and will still offer an out-of-office experience for both the people in the space and the people reporting virtually. The new environment will please the senses. 
  3. More Productivity
    With a large group of people, time is taken to pass out papers, display graphics, and flesh out ideas. If there are employees in their respective offices, they have the opportunity to put those ideas into action immediately. The success of certain ideas may be evaluated at the same time as they are presented. This eliminates the need for the follow-up meeting, which too takes up time. best nyc meeting spot

Picking the best NYC meeting spot for a few top employees and resisting the urge to fly out international counterparts can not only be a time saver, but can eliminate financial burdens as well!

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creative downtown manhattan space

Don’t let your mind stop moving after work. After your meeting at our event space, check out the Mela Foundation‘s latest exhibition in Tribeca, located on 275 Church Street, a short walk from SoHo. Spend your day hopping from one creative downtown Manhattan space to another. If your team is spending consecutive days at our meeting space, this may offer the creative spark that you need as you head back in for day two.

The Dream House is located behind a black door on Church Street, marked by a small white sign… so keep your eyes peeled! Once inside, your senses are in for a treat. This space is a collaboration between composer La Monte Young and his partner, Marian Zazeela. This creative downtown Manhattan space is a multi-media experience. The first thing you will notice as you enter the Dream House is the pink reflection. This light sets an ethereal, dream-like mood, hinting to the meaning of its name. The sound heard, created by La Monte, reflects his experience with drone music. This sound is made up of repeating, digitally-generated frequencies. Unless standing still, the pitches you experience with each step will change dramatically.

Your brain’s ability to simultaneously experience these two unique sound and light environments will inspire your mind to think differently and will remind you that you are capable of doing so. Make sure to check out this creative downtown Manhattan space from Wednesdays through Saturdays at 2 P.M. through Midnight. There are plenty of great bars and restaurants in Tribeca as well, so don’t be afraid to make an evening out of it!

creative downtown manhattan space Photo Courtesy of the Marian Zazeela 
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nyc creative environmentIn New York City, inspiration is often all around you, wherever you look. That doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that it’s following you to your workspace. Stepping off the streets of NYC into a typical office building often means leaving behind that air of creativity and replacing it with a stuffy cubicle. Offices that don’t try to inspire or motivate their employees can be inflicting long-term damage; the employees are less likely to have high productivity rates or feel uplifted when working. That means that design and decor is extremely important in your workspace. Being in an NYC creative environment, whether that means heading to an offsite location or sprucing up the office, can be a huge benefit to your employees’ satisfaction and productivity, which will save you trouble and money in the long run. Check out this infographic from Pots, Planters, & More on why being in an NYC creative environment with good design and decor will lift spirits and up productivity.

nyc creative environment


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unique manhattan venuesUnique Manhattan venues offer just what they claim to… a unique experience. But the experience is only as good as the ideas that are created within the space. How can an offsite meeting become the change your team needed all this time? A new approach to the way that everyone on the team thinks is probably necessary. Whether someone needs a boost in self-confidence or a reminder that their goals are closer than they perceive them to be, it is important to have reinforcements around to keep positive mindsets as the norm.

unique manhattan venuesNow picture this – the crisp, white walls of these unique Manhattan venues covered with inspirational words and phrases. The repetitive nature of this practice works to keep the message continuously entering each team members’ consciousness and therefore continuously affecting their method of thinking. It prevents the message from getting lodged in the preconsciousness with all of the other words they have read over once and cannot immediately recall.

The following quotes should get the team’s overall mindset to a place that allows for unique thinking inside the unique Manhattan venues.

” There is no tomorrow to remember
if we don’t do something today.” 

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago.
The second best time is now.”

“Build your own dreams or someone else
will hire you to build theirs.”

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.”

“In order to carry a positive action we
must develop here a positive vision.”

“The one who falls and gets up is so much
stronger than the one that never fell.”

For more quotes like these check out sites like Pinterest to get inspiration. Write out your quotes in large letters and bold colors and stick them to the wall for everyone on the team to see. These are great to include at office desks as well!

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nyc offsite spaceIn this day and age, offices can seem almost obsolete. Why spend time commuting to a place where you’ll have to work all day in a tiny cubicle, when you could do the exact same work in a more comfortable place, like your home, a coffee shop, or a NYC offsite space? Offices used to be the only places employees could effectively get work done, but since so many public places now have free Wi-Fi, and you can just as easily Skype or FaceTime with your employees or your boss, what use does the office have anymore? Believe it or not, working in an office actually has more benefits than you may think. For example, being in a space each day with people who work in the same company promotes collaboration and communication between different employees and different departments. This leads to increased innovation and productivity, which is integral to the success of your business. While offices are still of importance, they can get dull, boring, or repetitive. Switching things up every so often and working in different spaces, like a NYC offsite space, can help motivate employees and promote creativity! For more reasons why offices aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, check out this article from Inc. 

nyc offsite space

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As a manager, you know that feedback is important to the success of your company. The only way for your employees to improve is to tell them what they can do better, and what they are already doing well. Giving this kind of feedback can be difficult, though, since it’s easy to accidentally offend someone or make them feel bad about their work. That’s why knowing how to give effective feedback is so important – it helps the employee and the company grow. One way to do this is by taking advantage of your next offsite meeting. For example, the next time your company is meeting at a SoHo, NYC loft space, use that time away from the office to allow your employees to feel more at ease. If they feel more comfortable, it will be easier to openly talk to them about what they can do differently in their work that will help them improve in the long run. A SoHo, NYC loft space also provides a welcoming environment to actually get to know your employees, and for them to get to know you outside of the office, which can be an important step in your relationship with them. Check out this article from Inc. for advice on how to give constructive feedback that will help your employees grow!

soho, nyc loft space

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