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nyc conference roomJust like your home, your desk, and your office space, your NYC conference room will be furnished and laid out differently depending on your personal habits and preferences. There is no right way to formulate the perfect space, but why are there so many ways of doing so? Take a look at your NYC conference room and understand what the layout says about you!


You’re more interested in getting out all of the ideas as fast as you can than having a neat and organized NYC conference room. Call it creative clutter! This creative clutter will appear as notes thrown up on the wall in no specific order, materials littering the ground, and little chair and table organization. Set-up and upkeep are not included in your list of priorities.


nyc conference room

The best space for you is the space that you are given. You don’t need all of the extras. You know what you need and that is all you keep in your space. Everything else is a distraction and you work hard to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Work and Play 

You work best in spurts. Play time gives you the opportunity to cleanse your brain of the same thinking pattern. Your NYC conference space will have plenty of food to eat in between brainstorming sessions, and a separate breakout room to eat that food in. This way your team can eat in peace without their work surrounding them.

nyc conference room


Categorization is for you. You like to have things compartmentalized so that the focus is only on the most important task at hand. Everything in your NYC conference room has a place – and everything doesn’t just include the material things. This means that every piece of the schedule has a specific start and end time.

nyc conference room

Whatever your method, just make sure it’s the best for you. Happy conferencing!

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nyc executive conferenceThe whole point of an NYC executive conference is to bring together the people who run your company, no matter where they live. It doesn’t matter whether your CEO is in San Francisco and your VP is in Boston – having an NYC executive conference gets all the head honchos in the same room, in the same city. That makes it the perfect opportunity to make sure you refine your leadership skills in order to have the most efficient meeting possible. The first of these skills is knowing how to make decisions swiftly and confidently. If you can do this, your team will see that you have confidence in the job you do, and therefore be able to trust you in the choices you make. It also allows important aspects of the company to be decided upon efficiently. Time is money, so taking up less unnecessary time means good things for your company. For the three other qualities that set successful leaders apart, take a look at this article from Harvard Business Review.

nyc executive conference

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nyc meeting roomIn your NYC meeting room the goal is to be as creative and innovative as possible. A new space opening up in Manhattan this month is The Boba Room. The founders, Yanz Zeng and Iris Xing, have taken creative and innovative to a whole new level. For all of the bubble tea aficionados out there, those of you looking to brighten up your Instagram, or anyone interested in experiencing this one of a kind pop-up shop, you have got to get your hands on these tickets.

nyc meeting room

The Boba Room is open through May. The space is located at 355A Bowery, just a short fifteen-minute walk from your NYC meeting room. While you spend the day creating, you can dream about this reward for your senses later on. The Boba Room ticket includes a boba tea of your choice from offerings by Tea and Milk, Pa Tea and Gong Cha as well as access to the entirety of the space. There are wall designs, giant pastel bubbles (25 inches!) to play with, cute neon art props for the perfect Instagram shot, and even on-site balloon artists. This is the perfect place to spend your night after a productive day in the NYC meeting room. If the rest of your team has plans to tag along, take advantage of the deal for 2 adults. If purchasing 2 tickets together, the total fee is $17, which is a deal compared to the regular adult ticket price of $10. Save some money while having fun!

Purchase your tickets here for the day you’ll be in your NYC meeting room!

nyc meeting room

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soho conference roomHaving a great idea doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be successfully executed. There are a lot of factors that go in to whether or not that idea will make its way to a pitch, a product, or even a business, and the most important of these factors is how well you manage your time. In a SoHo conference room, time can feel like its flying by because you’re no longer stuck inside the office. Working in a new environment can make the day go by faster, but that also means you have to keep a closer eye on how you spend your time. There are three key steps to mastering time management, according to management mogul Peter Drucker. The first step is to start recording your time. Being able to see where all your time goes can help you amend certain areas and spend your days more wisely. It will also help you make your time in your SoHo conference room as productive as possible. Being able to fraction up the day in effective ways will be better for you and your team in the long run. Check out this article from Quartz for the rest of the steps!

soho conference room

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new york event spaceWhether your New York event space is being utilized as a photoshoot set or a corporate meeting, the sheer amount of work on the agenda is sure to induce tired feet and consequently an urge to sit down over the course of the day. We all feel a little guilty after sitting. We know it is bad. So how can you make the sitting that you do in the New York event space as beneficial for your body as possible? This head to toe analysis will allow you to focus on each part of the body that sitting impacts and will remind you of the right way to sit when you have to. Share this insight with your coworkers and make sure to carry the practice of sitting correctly from your New York event space back to the office!


new york event spaceThe heart, pancreas and colon can be affected by sitting incorrectly. Prolonged sitting has led to higher blood pressures and an increased likeliness of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, excess insulin tends to build up in the pancreas when muscles are inactive. This extra insulin can lead to diabetes as well as a higher risk for colon and breast cancer because of the incentive for cell-growth.

Muscles and Bones

new york event spaceThink about the “comfortable” stance you may have in your chair. The slouch that we usually end up in after a few hours of sitting in the New York event space keeps your abdominal muscles on hiatus. The same goes for the hip flexor muscles that are rarely used by those who sit all day in an office. As sitting requires no weight-bearing activity on the bones in the lower half of the body, such as running or walking, the bones begin to get weak, therefore making the chronic sitter at higher risk for diseases like osteoporosis in the future.

The Brain

new york event spaceMoving your muscles pumps oxygen to the brain and in turn the brain releases different mood-enhancing chemicals. Therefore, a sedentary day at the desk can actually turn into an unproductive day. Your brain functions will begin to slow and tiredness will set in. Rather than try to power through these feelings, use them as a sign. If you are in the New York event space, consider taking a walk outside. If you’re stuck in the office, take a walk to fill up your water bottle. A short walk anywhere can re-start the creative streak you had at the beginning of the day.

Of course, there are jobs where sitting all day is inevitable. So what can you do?

  • Relax your shoulders.
  • Sit with your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle.
  • Don’t lean forward, but don’t slouch back.
  • Keep your feet on the floor.
  • Give yourself support. A cushion for your bottom or lower back can really help!

Keeping in mind that not everyone has the same physical capabilities, remember to remind your friends and coworkers of the dangers of sitting incorrectly rather than the dangers of sitting altogether. Sometimes, they cannot help having to sit and rest. For more tips check out this graphic from the Washington Post.

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nyc creative meetingIntuition is more than just a gut feeling; it means that your mind is clearly telling you to follow an idea, a plan, or a path. Did you know that you don’t have to keep waiting for your next breakthrough? You can actually use the science of intuition to train your brain to be prone to more ‘eureka!’ moments. Knowing how to do this is important for when you’re in an NYC creative meeting brainstorming or planning with your team. An NYC creative meeting gives you space to harness your intuition in an environment fit for creativity and new ideas. Being ready for those ‘aha’ moments can actually lead to having more of them, so make sure you’re prepared for one at your next NYC creative meeting. This article from Fast Company describes more ways in which entrepreneurs can use intuition to make smarter decisions.

nyc creative meeting

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furnished nyc studio

As hard as it is to find a furnished apartment in NYC, it can sometimes be even more difficult to find a furnished NYC studio appropriate for the likes of photo and video shoots. Once settled in there, you deal with a crew that needs to be fed to do their job correctly. A hungry team is usually not the most productive team. At the same time, sending the team outfurnished nyc studio to eat could take ages, especially when the furnished NYC studio is in a location with so many hunger-stimulating options to choose from.

Lalito in Chinatown is a great option that serves lunch, brunch and dinner. The food is healthy and light and caters to anyone with a dietary restriction. Gerardo Gonzalez, the young chef at Lalito, describes the food he serves as “hippie Chicano,” merging health food with Mexican furnished nyc studiocuisine. The dinner menu offers small plates to start with and share, a section furnished nyc studiolabeled “vegetables,” that includes vegan and vegetarian options, (as well as fish and meat add-ons for an extra cost), and a section labeled “meats.” Lalito’s vegan take on a caesar salad uses cashews and nutritional yeast as a cheese replacement and is topped with breadcrumbs and seaweed to satisfy the salty taste that the anchovies would usually bring. The pork carnitas are available in two sizes with meat that is marinated in pineapple juice. There is truly something for everyone coming from the furnished NYC studio. The drink menu does not disappoint either – therefore killing two birds with one stone.

Lalito is located on 104 Bayard Street in Chinatown, just a short eight minute walk from our location in SoHo. Make sure to look around as you head there! The streets make for perfect photos.

For more over-the-table shots and pictures of main dishes visit Lalito’s Instagram here and give it a follow!

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nyc-offsite-workshop-1-sohosoleilSure, being out of the office is a huge step in helping your employees stay engaged throughout the day. But, unfortunately, that’s not all it takes. An NYC offsite workshop can last days at a time if your company has a lot of material to go over with employees, which means that employees’ motivation can start to dwindle if they’re not being treated properly. Part of being a good manager means knowing how to keep your employees eager and excited about the work they’re doing, and it’s not as easy as it sounds. Too many managers don’t look at the facts about how to engage their employees, and instead just go with their gut, yielding little to no change in motivation. An NYC offsite workshop is an opportunity to experiment with new ways to keep them attentive and motivated. This Harvard Business Review article lays out key reasons why typical motivational practices fail, so that you can learn how to avoid disengagement and lowered productivity at your next NYC offsite workshop.

nyc offsite workshop

Photo courtesy of Harvard Business Review

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new york city brainstorming space

Getting out of the office for and heading to a New York City brainstorming space can be extremely beneficial for a team that feels stuck in a cycle and therefore lacking when it comes to the creative process. Offsite spaces offer plenty of opportunities, but they are not outlined for you. You must figure them out yourself. The following tips will ensure that you utilize your New York City brainstorming space as efficiently as possible so that the time there is not wasted.

Wall space is everythingnew york city brainstorming space

If your New York City brainstorming space is equipped with white wall space, you are already in for a treat. First, this is the clean slate that you need to begin with. Forget about the office clutter and the plethora of to-do lists stuck to your cubicle. Without these distractions and stress inducers, your mind is already in a better place. Following this cleanse, you can begin to build up this wall space with the entirety of the brainstorming process. Take visualization to a new level!


Though you have an open floor plan at your hands, it is smart to section off different spaces for different steps of the brainstorming process. Many teams like to breakout into groups and having set spaces for that helps to minimize noise overload. Hold one space for the majority of the creative process – the place where everyone will come together and regroup to share the ideas from their breakout groups.

Remember to reTREAT

new york city brainstorming space

There’s a reason that “treat” is within the word “retreat.” Sure you are leaving the office, but this is not always enough to remind employees that today is not like all other days. The day at your New York City brainstorming space should not encompass any office-like routine. Treat yourselves to catering or a meal out – don’t bring lunch! Treat yourselves to a break here and there – it will change up the monotonous nature of the day. These treats on the retreat will eliminate the “work” feeling of the day.

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