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manhattan corporate retreatManhattan can wear down even the strongest of people. Those who are familiar with the city understand that there need to be times blocked into schedules that are used exclusively to de-stress and to relax. Whether you are attending a Manhattan corporate retreat as a native New Yorker or as a first-time visitor to New York City, you will probably feel pre-meeting jitters and post-meeting regrets. The hustle and bustle of New York fails to allow you to calm down unless you know the right way to do so.

The following tips will ensure that your Manhattan corporate retreat does not have to be the most stressful item on your plate. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy what the city has to offer and will thrive during the Manhattan corporate retreat.

Before the Manhattan Corporate Retreat:

  1. manhattan corporate retreatHydrate
    Lack of hydration can make that nervous, dry-mouth feeling appear even more prominently. To avoid it, drink at least two cups when you wake up in the morning and keep a filled bottle of water on your person at all times. Taking a sip during your presentation is always a great excuse to re-gain your train of thought as well.
  2. Practice and Visualize 
    Be aware of what you will consider a successful outcome of the Manhattan corporate retreat. What are you looking to gain from it? What are your goals? Visualize these goals and consider how you will accomplish them. Whether that entails leading the meeting or presenting a specific idea, do a run-through of the way you would like it to occur in the Manhattan corporate retreat. This way, you won’t go in blind and won’t forget about your ideas.

After the Manhattan Corporate Retreat: 

  1. Exercise
    manhattan corporate retreatWhether your meeting went well or not, you’re going to want to release the built up energy. It may be excitement or it may be anger and frustration. Either way, these emotions can make you lose sight of what’s to come in the future. Exercise in the form that you prefer, shower to cleanse yourself of the day’s activities, and even take a short nap if you feel it necessary.
  2. Grab a drink with friends
    manhattan corporate retreatA quick social drink with friends or co-workers may be exactly what you need to relax, as long as you keep the topics unrelated to work and the meeting that you just came from. Many fun bars sufficient for this activity are right near our space in SoHo. Check them out at the bottom of the page here.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling stressed out before your Manhattan corporate retreat. Sometimes the stress is what motivates us, rather than what inhibits us. However, you can run into problems if the stress and anxiety is taking over your thoughts. These tips should help to prevent that from happening.

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nyc creative workshop spaceBeing in an NYC creative workshop space gives you a chance to really get to know your employees. Besides team-building exercises and shared lunch breaks, working in an offsite space allows employees to not feel as constrained as in the office, and better build relationships with coworkers and managers. Holding trainings or workshops outside the usual workplace inspires creativity and a fresh outlook on your work. An NYC creative workshop space is especially unique in that it gives you a comfortable, fun, safe space to speak honestly with your employees about what they’re doing well and what could be improved. In order to do this effectively, however, you have to know how to give the best possible feedback. It can be hard to find the right balance between being constructive and not being harsh, but once you know how, you and your employees will be better off. One of the ways to do this is to make sure you’re getting advice from experienced people in your field. This article from Quartz lays out four ways to give your employees better feedback, from management veterans.

nyc creative workshop space

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nyc corporate offsite eventHungry after a long day at your NYC corporate offsite event? In SoHo and the surrounding areas there is an overwhelming amount of dining options available to choose from. This selection can make a decision timely and difficult. If you’re looking for a great meal to have after your NYC corporate offsite event that is close to our space, a great choice is Gentleman Farmer on the Lower East Side. Gentleman Farmer is just a short twelve minute walk from our location on Grand Street in SoHo.

nyc corporate offsite event

Start with a delicious array of appetizers – perfect to share with someone coming from the NYC corporate offsite event. That way, you can try more than one and satisfy your hunger quickly without having to wait for the entree. Salads, soups and even a roasted cauliflower dish are available for order. The mains exemplify the farm to table practice that Gentleman Farmer strives to uphold. Standout dishes are the seared cod with parsnips, asparagus, and a ginger herb sauce, as well as the bison steak with peppercorns, prosciutto wrapped green beans, and rosemary gratin.

nyc corporate offsite event

Photos courtesy of Gentleman Farmer 

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An offsite meeting is only as good as your attitude. Having a SoHo corporate offsite means that you’re in a great neighborhood, in a great space, outside of the office. What could be better than that? Having a good attitude starts with acknowledging the things you like about where you work, and bringing that acknowledgement to the work day. Having an attitude of gratitude can go a long way, and allow your employees to feel more appreciated. If your employees feel more appreciated, they’ll begin to also feel more motivated, thereby increasing productivity. This article from Skip Prichard lays out five ways to cultivate gratitude, leading to a great SoHo corporate offsite!

soho corporate offsite

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soho creative loft spaceIn order to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the city, New Yorkers like to stay caffeinated. Whether it’s a local coffee shop or a huge chain, you can’t get far from a jolt of caffeine no matter where you travel in the city. SoHo’s obsession with coffee is no different than the rest of New York. Known for its trendy and historic charm, the range of coffee shops that SoHo offers is endless and fits the themes associated with the neighborhood. That’s why knowing the best spot to pick up a cup of joe could be a lifesaver when you’re facing a busy day at a SoHo creative loft space. These are our favorite places in the area to snag a cup to-go, or stay at for a while if you have time to spend:

  1. Cafe Integral
    Cafe Integral is only six short blocks from our meeting spaces, and offers Nicaraguan coffees that are sourced and roasted in NYC. With plenty of seating for a small coffee shop, it’s a great place to hang out. It’s located on a quiet street, which makes it a great spot to stop and sip some coffee before heading to a SoHo creative loft space. Its modern interior and its beautifully crafted food and drinks offer a clean, trendy spot to clear your head before starting your day. Not to mention it’s a great opportunity to up your Instagram game!

    soho creative loft space

    Photo courtesy of Cafe Integral

  2. Everyman Espresso
    This small but tasty coffee shop is located on the corner of West Broadway and Canal Street, also only six blocks from our offsite spaces! While a tad more expensive, this spot has friendly and knowledgeable baristas who make a phenomenal cup of coffee. Everyman Espresso has two other locations, in the East Village and Brooklyn, but this SoHo spot is uniquely cozy and caters to the neighborhood. Sit in with a good book and admire the baristas’ latte art, or just stop in and grab a cup on the way to your SoHo creative loft space! A splash of color on the shop’s tiled walls adds to the creative vibe.

    soho creative loft space

    Photo courtesy of Everyman Espresso

  3. Saturdays Surf NYC
    If you want something different than the traditional New York coffee shop, check out Saturdays Surf NYC. Located directly around the corner from our lofts, Saturdays is a blend of a clothing store, a surf shop, and – you guessed it – a coffee shop. While this may sound like an unlikely combination, it serves as a fantastic neighborhood spot to stop in for a coffee, a pastry, and a browse around the store. Saturdays also has a wood-decked yard that can be accessed through the back of the shop, which provides a peaceful getaway from the busy SoHo streets.

    soho creative loft space

    Photo courtesy of Saturdays Surf NYC

If you’d like to check out more options for great SoHo coffee shops, check out this list!

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nyc brainstorming sessionsPlanning and attending NYC brainstorming sessions can be great for your company’s productivity and creativity, but like much else in our lives, requires a tremendous amount of phone usage. With that phone usage comes data usage – something that comes at a great expense every month if gone over. To decrease your data usage during the month of your NYC brainstorming sessions, you can use some of these helpful tips!

  1. Restrict your apps from using background data
    NYC brainstorming sessionsMany applications are still working even when you’re not. While you do not have to close out your applications every time you’re done using them (this has actually proven to work against battery conservation), be sure to switch off background app refresh, located in your phone settings. In addition, be sure that your apps do not update themselves over a data connection. Your phone will allow you to restrict this action to occur only over WiFi.
  2. Use the mobile version of apps nyc brainstorming sessions
    Launching and utilizing the capabilities of an application uses more data than just quickly accessing the mobile site through a web browser. For applications that you use frequently, it makes sense to have them readily available on your home screen. However, think twice about app overloads. Do a monthly cleaning of your apps and determine how many times in the past month you have actually opened each up.
  3. Use offline modes
    nyc brainstorming sessionsIn most cases, things that use the most data, such as downloading documents can be done over WiFi and stored on your phone. They can be accessed later without a WiFi or data connection. This tip also works well for navigation. If you plan to walk or drive to your NYC brainstorming sessions and are not sure exactly how to get there, find the route in Maps beforehand while still on your WiFi connection and head out the door. As long as you have pressed the “Start” button, the directions will continue until you reach your destination!

There is no need to detox on your phone usage – only your data usage!

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nyc corporate offsite
Florals for spring? Groundbreaking indeed. The time has come again. Macy’s annual flower show is open for business and ready to make the members of your NYC corporate offsite feel fresh and smell fresh. Each year, the Macy’s in Herald Square chooses a theme and presents an extravagant set-up of florals as well as other plants. The gardening is spread across Macy’s many floors, providing variety for the senses as you travel up and down. Organs will appease your ears, candied foods for the tastebuds, bright colors for the eyes, and of course, the floral scents for the nose that no perfume could ever succeed in bottling.

nyc corporate offsiteWith all of your senses so stimulated, your NYC corporate offsite will have achieve maximum success. The team as a whole will be more alert and ready to get down to business. The flower show is open from March 26th to April 9th, signifying the beginning of spring. Located at 151 W 34th St. in Herald Square, the flower show is a short subway ride from our NYC corporate offsite space in SoHo and opens as early as 10 a.m. on weekdays. Herald Square is also a great destination for shopping for that new spring wardrobe you’ve been dying for since your spring cleaning session.

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soho creative spaceThere are endless amounts of tools that claim to make your life easier and boost productivity. That’s why picking the right one is the key to actually improving your performance. The first step in doing so is knowing yourself and how you work the best: what environment is most conducive to your success? Does prioritizing help you get things done more efficiently? Is there anything specifically that makes your job more difficult, and is there anything you can do to change it? These are questions you should be asking yourself in order to choose the tools that will help you work smartest. Working in a SoHo creative space is a chance to step away from the chaotic environment of the traditional office, and you should use it as a way to figure out what you can use – whether an app, a list, or other resource – to help you be more productive. A SoHo creative space allows you to experiment with what will make things easier for you and your team, and test out the different business tools that are at your disposal. This article from Inc. lays out the top five business tools that will help you boost productivity.

soho creative space

Image credit: Getty Images


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cool downtown manhattan meeting spaces All expenses paid work trip to NYC? Finally, your boss has given you some good news! Not much stress is placed on you when work is arranging all of the details for your arrivals at the cool downtown Manhattan meeting spaces. However, you’re going to New York City! You have the chance to explore the city during your free time. To minimize expenses and wasted time in traffic, and without the “tourist” sign on your back, your best bet is to take the subway. All the letters, numbers and colors may seem confusing at first, but here are some tips to ensure that NYC public transportation is much easier than hailing a yellow cab on a busy street corner.

  1. Downtown and Uptown trains go in different directions.
    You may know that you’re supposed to take the A train, but if you take the A train in the wrong direction, you will not end up at the cool downtown Manhattan meeting spaces you intended to. Always make sure check which staircase you are going down. From SoHo, Uptown trains usually include Queens and the Bronx in their descriptions as well. Many Downtown trains will include Brooklyn as the final downtown manhattan meeting spaces
  2. Train colors do not indicate identicalness – only similarities! 
    The orange line, also known as the BDFM trains, run on the same line for a majority of the Manhattan stops, but the lines split as they go further uptown and downtown. Additionally, some of the trains on this line may run express in some areas. You do not want the train to skip the stop that would deliver you to the cool downtown Manhattan meeting spaces. The same goes for trains that leave from the same station – while their stops may intersect at this station, they are probably headed elsewhere afterwards. cool downtown manhattan meeting spaces
  3. Google Maps is your friend.
    After purchasing an app that listed delays and train directions, Google Maps is now equipped with the software to not only tell you which train to take, but also where the entrances to that train are. It lists the times of arrival, alternate routes, track work that may cause delays and cancellations on lines. Pull out your phone in the station if you’re unsure and double check before you end up far, far away; all of the stations now have WiFi to connect to!cool downtown manhattan meeting spaces

Still not confident in your subway-riding skills? Just use this map from MTA to make sure you’re going the right way!

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nyc creative conferenceWhat’s the best way to get rid of any workday blues at your NYC creative conference? The right lighting, of course! If your employees feel like they’re sitting in a gloomy, dark, grey room, then they’re more likely to become uninterested, tired, or bored. On the other hand, if the lights are too bright, this can cause headaches which will almost certainly make your employees less productive. Lighting is an important aspect of the effectiveness of your next NYC creative conference, because it can set the mood of the day. One solution is to focus on using natural lighting. Having windows in a creative meeting space can give a soft light to the room, while also allowing your employees to enjoy the views. For more tips on what lighting is best for mood and productivity, check out this article from Inc.

nyc creative conference

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