space rentalWith flu-season hitting us hard, it’s extra important for us to keep tidiness and sanitation in mind! If you’re working at an offsite space rental and interacting with your colleagues on a daily basis, it’s important to be cautious about upholding clean, healthy habits. Keeping hand sanitizer at your desk is a great way to stop the spreading of germs. Make it a habit to wash your hands or at least, use hand sanitizer multiple times throughout the day to make sure you’re not spreading or collecting germs from other people. Don’t forget to have a tub of sanitary wipes in either the bathroom or your desk drawer to wipe down any surfaces, like your computer screen, keyboard, desk, etc., that may be a hub for dirt and germs, as well. The things that are used and touched the most are bound to be carrying the most amount of germs. Making sure garbage doesn’t pile up in your space rental is also extremely important in keeping anything icky out of your system. Being sick, especially when you have a bunch of projects coming up, is never fun, so keep up with these healthy habits to keep all the germs out! For more tips on how to maintain a clean, tidy office, check out this article by Staples!

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