nyc offsite spaceIn this day and age, offices can seem almost obsolete. Why spend time commuting to a place where you’ll have to work all day in a tiny cubicle, when you could do the exact same work in a more comfortable place, like your home, a coffee shop, or a NYC offsite space? Offices used to be the only places employees could effectively get work done, but since so many public places now have free Wi-Fi, and you can just as easily Skype or FaceTime with your employees or your boss, what use does the office have anymore? Believe it or not, working in an office actually has more benefits than you may think. For example, being in a space each day with people who work in the same company promotes collaboration and communication between different employees and different departments. This leads to increased innovation and productivity, which is integral to the success of your business. While offices are still of importance, they can get dull, boring, or repetitive. Switching things up every so often and working in different spaces, like a NYC offsite space, can help motivate employees and promote creativity! For more reasons why offices aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, check out this article from Inc. 

nyc offsite space

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