ny event spaceIf you’re an entrepreneur, your smartphone can be the most useful thing in the world. You have limitless information at your fingertips, and there are always new innovations being made to make communication easier. Connecting with other people in your industry, potential clients, and coworkers has never been easier. But besides the typical capabilities of your smartphone, like Internet access or social media use, there are also several amazing productivity apps to help make your job as seamless as possible. For example, Slack is a business-oriented messaging platform that makes communication in the office easy. Say goodbye to long e-mail chains or texts from unknown numbers! Slack is essentially a chatroom that lets you create different groups, both private and public, to organize intra-office communication. It’s also a helpful way to get in touch with your clients, since it’s so easy to keep track of your messages. Next time you’re in a NY event space, try it out with your team and watch how easy it is to efficiently communicate with each other! For more helpful apps, check out this article from StartUp Mindset.

NY event space

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