conference spaceGrowing and maintaining a healthy relationship with your boss is extremely important in having a fruitful work experience. Not only will it allow for a more harmonious environment in the conference space, but it may give you more opportunities to learn and work closely with your boss. To learn how to be recognized by your boss as a star employee, check out the tips below:

Get to Work Early.
Being on time or, better yet, early is crucial in the corporate world, as it displays signs of professionalism and commitment. Strolling into the conference space late shows your boss that you don’t care enough about your job to make an effort to come in on time. Prove to your boss that you’re hard-working and dedicated to this job by showing up on time!

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Be Polite.
Whether you are receiving or providing feedback on an idea, minding your manners is key to gaining your boss’s favoritism. When offering advice, don’t be afraid to be honest about your opinions, but make sure that they are constructive and supportive. Being nasty or condescending towards them about how you think a project should go will definitely leave a sour taste in their mouths! On the flip side, it is also important to know how to receive constructive criticism without being offended (and make sure to thank them afterwards). Having mutual respect within the relationship is key!

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Make an Effort to Communicate.
Showing interest in your boss’s work and/or personal life can be a great way to connect with him or her! According to Jodi Glickman, author of “Great on the Job: What to Say, How to Say It: The Secrets of Getting Ahead,” “It gives you an opportunity to start building a personal relationship and connect on a non-work level.” Ask them about their hobbies, family life, or future goals to see if you can find a common ground to build your relationship off of!

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For more tips on how to leave a great impression on your boss, check out this article by Fortune!

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