new york eventsNew York events can be stressful and chaotic at times if you’re the event planner. NYC is a fast-paced city, which means that finding a venue, organizing attendees, and planning an itinerary can make for a hectic schedule. Luckily, today’s technology has come up with solutions to help relieve some of the craziness. Here are some amazing apps to help organize your life:

Do you find yourself surrounded by a thousand different to-do lists? Or worse, a to-do list that seems miles long? Clear helps you organize your schedule by making it easy to create streamlined lists of what needs to get done. If you use Apple products, you can even synchronize your lists to show up on different devices by using iCloud. This app helps you neatly take control of all the planning and organizing that comes with the job of an event planner, and will help your upcoming New York events be a breeze.

new york events
Image by Clear

If you feel like your workspace is too cluttered to get anything done, check out OfferUp. This app helps you get rid of items that you don’t need, but may be of value to someone else. This “mobile marketplace” lets you take part in a sort of online garage sale, where you can see who’s selling what in your area. Who knows, you may find your next perfect centerpiece for your table, or a new desk altogether! A neat workspace makes for a productive day, so use OfferUp to create a space that excites and inspires you!

new york events
Image by OfferUp

This app does just what the name says – it sorts. You can use Sortly to take inventory of what you have, either at home or at work, which makes moving, selling, and buying new items super organized and easy. For example, when you’re planning New York events and need to account for a certain number of tables, chairs, plates, glassware, and much, much more, Sortly can save the day and help you focus on what really matters – the attendees.

new york events
Image by Sortly

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