space rental nycTraveling to a space rental NYC for an upcoming offsite meeting? Packing food for your day away from the office may seem like a hassle, but making sure your mind and body are fueled is extremely important in keeping you at your best! Check out the list below for some great snack options to keep you focused during your next big meeting:

Blueberries are a great fruit option to bring with you into a meeting space. Not only do they help with maintaining a healthy heart and glowing skin, but they also greatly aid in keeping you focused. Blueberries are packed with anti-oxidants that can help with your concentration and memory, making them the perfect little snack for your brain and tummy! Just rinse a handful of them before leaving your house in the morning, throw them in a reusable eco-friendly snack container, and you’ll have yourself a perfect mid-day treat!

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Dark Chocolate.
Have a little sweet tooth? Perfect! Studies show that dark chocolate can be beneficial to your health in a number of ways. First off, with its consumption, your body releases endorphins and serotonin, which can help you get in a great mood before heading into your space rental in NYC. Additionally, it contains a small amount of caffeine which helps increase your ability to focus. If you’re not a huge fan of coffee, grab a few small pieces of dark chocolate to help you raise your alertness and energy!

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Nuts are the perfect little snack to munch on while sitting through a meeting. They are rich in amino acids and oils that are essential to your body, aiding in your ability to concentrate during long hours in the conference room. Buy a small little package of your favorite kinds to bring into the offsite space to keep your stomach and mind happy (just remember to be mindful of any airborne allergies your colleagues may have)!

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