event space rental nycNow that we’ve hit the month of December, we’re most definitely deep into flu season. If you’re headed to an event space rental NYC for a meeting or conference, you’re bound to be surrounded by a ton of new people, leaving more room to spread germs. To avoid getting sick this Winter, there are a number of healthy habits you should practice at the work place. Firstly, never sneeze or cough into your hands. Doing so, will allow the germs in your hands to spread like wildfire with each item that you touch. This next tip may seem obvious, but wash your hands! Thoroughly scrubbing the germs off your hands with warm water and soap after using the bathroom, touching garbage, sneezing, etc. is extremely important in preventing the spread of icky bacteria. If it helps, consider carrying around a mini bottle of hand sanitizer with you. If you’re going to be meeting a lot of new people at your event space rental NYC, you’re most likely going to be shaking a lot of peoples’ hands throughout the day. You don’t want to get sick, nor do you want to get anyone else sick, so give your hands a little bit of love with some antibacterial hand sanitizer whenever you get a quick second. Lastly, make sure that you are always cleaning up after yourself. Dirty trash is a great home for bacteria to reside in, so periodically check the area around you to make sure you haven’t left any garbage laying around. For more healthy habits you can practice at your event space rental NYC, check out this article by Total Wellness!

event space rental nyc

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