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When working at an NYC event space, organizers are expected to wear many different hats. Not only are they responsible for making sure everything is in order, but they also must be prepared to quickly troubleshoot any problems that may arise. It can be difficult to handle this on one’s own, and unfortunately many organizers work alone. Luckily, technology is here to save the day! Smartphone apps are becoming more sophisticated each day, and while they have given us fun games like Temple Run and Angry Birds, there’s an entire sector of tech devoted to making your life easier. Ranging from simple reminders to personal assistants, these apps can help you get in control of your work. Take a look at a few of the apps we’ve gathered below!

Founded in 2012, 24me is an app designed to equip you with your own personal assistant. 24me syncs with everything–your utilities, service providers, calendar, and email–as well as has advanced features like voice-to-text notes and eGifting. All of these features are accessible from a simple toolbar, making this app perfect for the person who likes to keep everything in one place.

If, short for “If That, Then This,” is an app made for the multitasker! Somewhat like a domino effect, you can create paired actions between apps that activation if one is performed. For example, if you want a pizza delivered when you arrive at your NYC event space, then you can use If to connect the Domino’s app to your locations app. Yum, technologically delicious!

LastPass is a gift from the heavens for the forgetful! This app stores all of your passwords and autofills them in when you visit the respective websites. While this doesn’t provide ultimate security, it can be extremely helpful for people who have a difficult time remembering many different passwords, or accessing accounts across multiple devices.

Remember the Milk
If you love lists, Remember the Milk is the app for you! This app allows you to create online to-do lists, which can then be shared . The app syncs across all devices and accounts, so you never miss a notification for something important. If you have a list of tasks to be completed at your NYC event space, you can also share your lists with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page. This apps takes to-do lists to the next level!

When you’re running around your NYC event space, you can’t always look over every text, article, and video you’re sent. Pocket is an app that helps you save these items, or put them in your “pocket,” for later. These links are organized in the app according to your reading style, so it’s customized specifically to you. Boasting over 30 million downloads, this app is helping users stay on top of life–even when they don’t have time to.

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nyc event space

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