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Earth Day is quickly approaching–44 days away, to be exact– so it’s about the time of year that we take a look at our habits and determine if they’re benefiting the environment around us. When we think of waste, our minds often focus in on plastic waste. While this is important, it also means that we may turn a blind eye to paper waste.¬†All of the bags, receipts, and scrap paper we throw away on a daily basis can really pile up! We know you want to ensure that your NYC loft event space is environmentally friendly, so we’ve come up with a couple of ways you can fix this and reduce your paper waste!

nyc loft event spaceCut Down on Junk Mail
There was once a time when junk mail was considered an annoying yet inescapable part of life. Your NYC loft event space mailbox was at the mercy of credit card offers, weekly ads, and sweepstakes forms–but that’s all changed! You can now hire websites like or, and for a one-time fee, your name will be removed from all major commercial mailing lists for five years. And if you use 41pounds, this service can be extended to up to five adults in your home–for no extra charge! These services are sure to cut down on paper waste¬†and headaches!
nyc loft event spaceE-Filing: Of the Future
Keeping the family’s important papers in a shoebox probably worked out great for your mom, but as the world digitizes, it’s actually dangerous to only rely on physical copies of documents. The paper copies of items like birth certificates, wedding licenses, and lease for your NYC loft event space should be kept in secure, waterproof areas; however, it’s important to always scan and save digital files. Save these files to a cloud storage system like iCloud or Google Drive to ensure you can access them from anywhere.

For more tips on cutting down your paper waste, check out this article from the New York Times!

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