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As the internet continues to develop, the number of things we’re able to do with it is ever-growing as well. From social media to email, we have access to every important account and document at the tip of our fingers. However, this also means that cyber-criminals can easily gain that same access. You may be thinking, “don’t cyber crimes only happen on computers?” The answer to that is no! We keep tons of important and sensitive information, like bank numbers and passwords, on our phones. So, it’s really important to keep your mobile device safe, which will in turn keep your corporate event venue NYC safe. Here are a few tips on how to do so!

First and foremost, you want to set up basic security: a lock and pin number on your phone, as well as turning on the ‘Auto-Lock’ feature. This ensures that your phone isn’t vulnerable to cyber attacks when it’s idle. Additionally, it’s recommended that you set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) services on all of your devices. MFA requires that you approve a sign-in request from a second, previously set up device to ensure that all log-ins are legitimate. While this may be tedious when you’re busy running around your corporate event venue NYC, but if you’re ever the victim of a cyber attack, you’ll wish you had it.
corporate event venue nyc

Next to having your password, the easiest way for cyber criminals to gain access to your device is through network connections. Whether Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, if hacker can connect to you through a wireless network, your phone becomes an open book. However, this can be prevented! Only connect to networks that you know are affiliated with your corporate event venue NYC, and report any suspicious ones.

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As your final defense against hackers, security apps can be especially helpful if your corporate event venue NYC requires you to use your own device, or if you work with a lot of sensitive information. Apps like Knox, from Samsung, use device built-in vault storage to separate personal information from professional work. Just be careful that the security app you’re using is legitimate! Follow up with an app like Google Play Protect, which can constantly scan your apps for dangerous malware.

Still looking to feel more secure? Check our this article from the Harvard Business Review for more tips!

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