event space nycFeng Shui, the Chinese practice of harmonizing people with their environments, is often closely associated with decorating homes. But did you know that you can practice Feng Shui in your work and event space NY? We spend a lot of time in our work spaces, so it’s important they feed our productivity. Even if you’re limited with the furniture you have and how things can be moved, there are many simple ways you can change the vibe of your work space. We’ve gathered a few tips on incorporating Feng Shui into your event space NY, so keep reading to find out how!

event space nyClear Out Clutter
Eliminating clutter in your event space NY is crucial, because not only does it make everything look nicer, but it also can have a positive affect on your mood. As the saying goes, “a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind,” and in Feng Shui, this rings true. Throw out unnecessary garbage, papers, and knick-knacks they may be taking up precious space, and begin your move toward a more minimalist lifestyle.

event space nyUse Energy Boosters
And no, we don’t mean anything out of a video game! In Feng Shui, energy boosters are items that make your event space NY’s energy more positive. Things like air-purifying plants, photos of high energy moments, and brightly colored artwork can all help bring your work environment’s positive energy up. Of course, check to see what kind of personal items you’re allowed to have in the space, first.

event space nyBack Against the Wall
In Feng Shui, it’s considered extremely unlucky to sit facing the wall, or to have one’s back to the door. The former implies that your progress will be impeded, while the latter is a bit more grim–you may be opening yourself up to be stabbed in the back. Facing the door or windows is much better, so try to orient yourself accordingly. If you can’t change your set up, Feng Shui suggests using a small vanity mirror so you can always see behind you!

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