Corporate Shoot
Location, location, location: an undeniable truth of real estate—and photography. When it comes to a corporate photo or video shoot, the location can make or break it.
Successful brands understand the value of a great location, and they know exactly what it takes to spot one. If you’re looking for the perfect indoor location for a shoot, keep reading for tips on how to find it:


It won’t matter how great your location is if you can’t get any cameras or crew there to actually film. Before you settle on a location, consider if it’s photoshoot friendly. Can you easily set up and break down? Is it noisy? Is it open to the public? Visit the location to get an idea of what you’ll have to work with, so you’re not caught off guard during filming.

Photography area


Heavy equipment and crews take up more space than one might think, so don’t underestimate how much room you’ll need to take your photos or videos. To get a good shot of your subject without shadows from surround objects, you need to be at least a few feet away. If your location doesn’t allow for this comfortably,  you may have to consider investing in a larger space.


It’s important to keep in mind safety regulations when scouting for a location. If a building is in poor condition, or has a low patron capacity, this could put your cast and crew in danger. To avoid this, make sure to check that all potential locations have been recently inspected, are up to code, and can comfortably fit all of your attendees.


Get an idea of how much lighting you want and how much the space can naturally provide. Though you’re choosing an indoor location, natural lighting is still very necessary. For best results, find a location with as much natural light as possible, then compensate with your own artificial lighting and shading.


Always keep your background in mind while looking for locations, as the backdrop is meant to complement the subject. When these two are in harmony, your chances of success increase, while more dull backgrounds may lose the audience. Be aware of wall colors, decor, and furniture when visiting locations. Considering these aspects will give you a better idea of how the final look will turn out.

An easy way to ensure your final product will be its best is by having your next video or photo shoot at a location that gives off lively and welcoming vibes. If you’re looking for creative sites for photo sessions, then SoHoSoleil would love to help!

Meeting site

With adequate natural lighting, sleek furniture (which you can move around as you please), and impeccable décor, our three fun lofts, namely; CornerLight, SereneSite, and MeetingSite , will serve as the perfect backdrop for your next photo session!

Make the right move for your clients by getting in touch with us to book our lively spaces for your next photo or video shoot!

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