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If you’ve ever found yourself responsible for organizing a business event, you probably ended up a little in over your head at least once. Event planning is an overwhelming task for anyone and but doing it for work can be downright nerve-wracking.
But, it doesn’t have to be! With the right tricks, planning an event is no problem. Use the following tips to make sure your event goes smoothly:

Assess Your Goals

Before you jump into paying down payments or booking catering, it’s crucial to evaluate what you want to achieve during this event. Goal setting gives you expectations for the event, as well as provides an outline for what needs to be accomplished.

Keep your goals realistic for the event, as this will make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with expectations. Share your goals with a fellow coworker to get feedback on how achievable they are.

Note the Basics

Settle on a date, time, and guest list for the event. This is information you’ll need to reference for nearly every aspect of the planning process, so getting concrete numbers is extremely important.

If you’re not sure how many people there will be or how much of something you’ll need, always make sure to plan for more than you think. It’s much easier to deal with an excess of food or materials than a lack.

Set a Budget

For work events, it’s important to stay within budget, because sometimes spending more on food means spending less on the venue, or vice versa. Set strict guidelines for how much money is to be spent on each factor of the event. Keep track of all your spending and receipts for accounting and reimbursement purposes.

Meeting Room

Try a Theme

An exciting theme is a great yet simple way to increase attendees’ interest in the event. Choosing the right theme can set the tone for the event to be fun and memorable. Make sure that the theme is appropriate and relevant for your brand image, and avoid anything that could be considered offensive.

Plan Immersive Activities

When there’s a lot of information to be relayed, lecturing to the attendees can seem like the best way to communicate everything. However, you’re more likely to bore and lose the attention of everyone, especially if you’re talking for a long time. Plan brief breaks into your event, where attendees can have a chance to get on their feet, move around, and interact with each other.

Ask for Feedback

After your event, don’t be afraid to ask how you did. Offer paper slips for anonymous feedback from your attendees. If someone didn’t have a good time, they will definitely tell you and you can use that criticism to improve for next time. Plus, if everyone enjoyed themselves, you get the satisfaction of having planned a successful business event.

Offsite Meeting

Consider Booking Our Creative Offsite Spaces

Finally, make sure you choose a creative and engaging space to host your event.

SoHoSoleil is your best bet for finding the best offsite spaces for corporate events in NYC. We have a variety of unique loft spaces, including CornerLight, SereneSite and MeetingSite, for corporate events.

Get in touch with us to make your event in NYC memorable.

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