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When planning the layout for a space, any good designer will do their best to maximize the natural light in the room. This is because natural lighting can transform the look and feel of any interior space—including meeting spaces.
Sunlight provides a warm and comfortable light that can’t be replicated by light bulbs, which enhances the aesthetics of a meeting space and can make it feel so much more comfortable. In addition to being environmentally friendly and reducing electricity bills, natural sunlight has many other benefits. Keep reading to learn more:

Lifts Mood

Exposure to the sun has personal benefits, too. Vitamin D, which is produced while one is in the sun, can help to better a person’s mood. With an improved, more positive attitude, employees are much more ready to exchange fresh and creative ideas at work. Meanwhile, decreased sun exposure can lead to a decline in serotonin levels, and lead to low energy, irritability, and negative thoughts.

Good for the Skin

Vitamin D  has uses for your outside, too! It contributes to skin cell grown, repair, and metabolism, which can lead to more rejuvenated and healthy skin. Pick a spot near the window in your meeting space and spend 5-10 minutes soaking up the sun a few times a week to feel its benefits. Do wear sunscreen though because too much exposure can lead to skin damage, wrinkles, and sun spots.

Boosts Productivity

Artificial lighting like light bulbs can’t provide the same benefits natural lighting does, and as a result, our bodies react differently to both. Exposure to sunlight helps to better lead to higher employee performance and workplace productivity. Sunlight makes us more alert, attentive and efficient throughout the day. Meanwhile, artificial light actually puts a strain on the eyes, and will eventually make employees more tired and less productive.

Sunlight also has a positive impact on circadian rhythms, or the sleep-awake cycle. Exposure to natural light can help to maintain this cycle and increase focus.

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