Corporate Meeting
The corporate world loves meetings. In fact, studies suggest that 11 million formal meetings take place each day in this country. However, that doesn’t mean that productive business is getting done.

Most employees actually hate meetings, and feel they’re often a waste of time. The data agrees: companies spend $37 billion each year on unproductive meetings. With millions of meetings and billions of dollars in wasted revenue, there has to be a way to change things.

Below, we’ve compiled five mistakes managers make during business meetings and how to avoid them. Keep reading to learn to keep your meeting efficient:

No Agenda

They may seem old-fashioned, but agendas are a great way to maintain control during your meeting. They show that not only are you prepared, but you want everyone else to be as well.

To create the agenda, first determine the objective and goal of the meeting. From there, you can organize all the topics that need to be discussed. Send out your agenda to attendees at least a week in advance, so that they may prepare any questions or relevant information. Once the meeting starts make sure to stick to the agenda so everyone is on the same page.

Starting Late

You can consider tardiness to be the cardinal sin of business meetings. It’s important that you always show up on time, if not early, to meetings because it shows basic respect for everyone else’s time.

Starting or showing up late to a meeting reflects badly on you and your organization, so try to be as punctual as possible. If you must delay a meeting, give as much notice as you can so that others can plan accordingly.

Meeting Space

Too Many Participants

If possible, attempt to limit the number of attendees you have at the meeting. Larger groups of participants mean crowd control will be more difficult, and there will inevitably be a greater number of distractions.

Keep the meeting restricted only to those who would benefit from the meeting. This will also help to lower the number of uninterested attendees.

No Employee Engagement

Meetings should be as short and concise as you can make it for your audience. Talking for long stretches of time can cause employees to become disengaged from the meeting, making it less productive. If there’s no way to avoid a long corporate event, try to get your attendees involved with fun games or by having them speak for part of the time.

Afterward, communicate with your employees and ask them for feedback. By opening up the opportunity for conversation, you can give them a chance to reflect on the meeting.

Dull Meeting Space

The interior design of a meeting room has a significant impact on employee morale, so it’s an important factor to consider when planning a meeting. An aesthetically pleasing space to meet can be revitalizing for employee energy and engagement.

Having a bright and inspiring meeting space can change your business event for the better. If you’re looking for highly innovative and creative meeting spaces in NYC, get in touch with us now.

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