Remember the days of the office cubicle? A tiny, beige four-by-four foot box in which employees were expected to cram themselves and all of their work for eight hours a day. Thankfully, times are changing, and more employers are recognizing the value of a creative work environment. It’s not uncommon to see companies like Google going above and beyond to help stimulate their employees’ creative process.

Not everyone has caught up, though, and that’s where we come in. It takes extensive knowledge and a large budget to overhaul your office space, so we won’t dare ask you to tackle it all on your own. Instead, we’ve discovered five simple hacks to take your workspace from boring conference space to a creative meeting room in NYC! Take a look below to learn more:

1. Adjust Ambience

Your physical environment has an enormous effect on how productive and creative you can be. Everything from the wall colors to the chair design can alter the way in which you work, so it’s important to be aware of what conditions help you perform best. Lighting is one of the most powerful ambience tools, especially in the workplace. A recent sleep study found that people exposed to natural daylight were more alert, while those in contact with artificial lighting reported more sleepiness. Maximizing natural light will help to keep your employees wide awake and ready to work.

Additionally, warm environments are more hospitable to employees, while colder temperatures can cause them to be less effective. When you’re cold, a significant portion of your attention and energy is focused on being cold. Turning up the heat in your office will keep employees satisfied and focused.

2. Play with Sound

Ambient sounds are a go-to way to up the creative energy in your workspace! Silence can inhibit free-flowing thought, while loud noise or music entirely distracts employees. Ambient sounds, however, challenge our ears just enough that they enable abstract thought processing and thus, creativity. The least productive kind of ambient sound is an overheard conversation, because we get distracted attempting to follow it.  But, it can be hard to avoid the sound of phone calls in a business office. Invest in high quality sound machines to help mellow out the vibe


If your office has a more lively energy, don’t be afraid to play music! Listening to music together can help your team find a groove and puts everyone more in sync with each other. Scientists call this “synchrony,” when multiple people move in the same rhythm, resulting in better cooperation. If you find employees tapping their pens or feet, you’ll know it’s working!

3. Go Green

In most offices, views of natural landscapes or offices full of foliage are reserved for upper management only. But, making the effort to add some greenery to your office can entirely change the atmosphere. Studies have shown that plants can reduce stress and illness-related absences while increasing productivity and creativity. Large plants can even absorb sound when strategically placed in office. Plants also naturally improve air quality, so you’ll be bettering your offices’ aesthetic and health standards! Stick with plants that only require weekly or twice weekly waterings, so that plant care doesn’t become a job in and of itself.

4. Explore Versatility

It’s widely believed that humans hate change, and we prefer to stay fixed in our ways for as long as we can. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth! People love to have flexibility and freedom in the way that they work, and you can easily incorporate that into your office space. Standing desks and adaptable furniture are among the latest corporate office trends designed to grant employees some physical freedom within the office.

If new furniture isn’t an option, it’s your turn to get creative! Brainstorm the ways you can alter your existing desks and chairs to make the environment more functional for everyone. Whether you go with clusters or enclosures, the change will definitely reinvigorate your workplace.

5. Change It Up

A surefire way to make sure that your event sticks out for your attendees is to host it at an offsite event space. Corporate conference rooms, no matter how well decorated, can get boring after visiting them daily. No two creative event spaces in NYC are exactly alike, so you’ll be ensuring your guests have an entirely unique experience. Creative offsite spaces also help to enhance productivity and innovation amongst employees, so booking one will be extremely beneficial for both you and your team.

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