More companies are leaning into the idea of establishing a company culture, or a  set of values and behaviors that employees of a workplace build, share, and sustain. It can be difficult to do this during the workday, of course, as there’s important work to be done, so many managers have turned to corporate outings as a tool for increasing company culture. Baseball games, happy hours, and spa retreats are all great ways to get employees together and focused on something not related to work, but if your employees are spending forty or more hours a week in the workplace, they might not be very keen to spend their personal time surrounded by coworkers.

So how do you get them to show up? Some managers may fall into the trap of making events “fundatory,” or fun, but mandatory. However, this is the best way to ensure that your employees don’t have any fun! The mandatory nature of the event can make it feel like work and make them less receptive to enjoying themselves. Instead, keep reading below for the ultimate guide to actually getting a great turn-out at your next optional work event:

Utilize Social Media

While office word-of-mouth may be great for letting everyone know that there’s donuts in the conference room, it’s not nearly as helpful for spreading the word about your optional corporate event. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Slack to both invite attendees, manage event details, and promote the event. Slack gives you the chance to speak directly to your employees in a group chat, while Facebook invites can help you to personally invite and keep track of who plans to attend.

Offer Incentives

Rewarding your employees for attending an optional event may seem a little backward, but it’s a great way to ensure higher attendance. Even employees who choose not to go will hear about the awesome prizes everyone else won, and it could make them more willing to attend the next event. Advertising giveaways and raffles are a great way to generate excitement amongst your employees and incentivize them to attend. Gift cards, apparel, and small electronics are some of the most popular and accessible rewards that you can offer to your employees.

Choose a Convenient Location

Finding conveniently located corporate event venues in NYC is crucial. If employees see that they have to make a long commute, they’ll be more likely to say, “Why bother?” and stay home. Specifically look for event spaces near major roads and subway lines so that employees can easily navigate their way there. If a long commute is unavoidable, look for meeting rooms for rent in NYC that are memorable and visually stimulating. That way, employees will spend the ride home thinking about how great the event was, not how far from home they are.

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