2018 has been a whirlwind of a year for many, and the business industry is no exception. Corporations have been implementing major shifts in their plans, practices, and cultures to keep up with the rapid changes happening outside of the workplace. Innovations in marketing, technology, and even real estate have altered the corporate landscape, and there’s no sign of the improvements stopping.

These changes are disrupting corporate industries in a major way, so it’s important to keep up with the direction in which business life is heading. We’ve gathered some of the most popular creative trends and practices businesses are adopting this year and compiled them below. Keep reading to learn more:

Personalized Advertising

Generation Z, or those born between 1996 and 2010, are the largest generation after millennials. The oldest are currently entering the workforce, and their buying power exceeds $44 billion, so it makes sense that marketers are trying to find ways to get into their heads. In studies, Gen Z-ers have said that their preferred mode of brand interaction is through personalized advertisements, like emails. In these emails, use less text and more images, as members of Generation Z only give about 8 seconds of attention to advertisements.  Additionally, this group is also most swayed by micro-influencers, or brand influencers with less than 100,000 followers. With more attainable lifestyles and closer interactions with fans, these micro-influencers are extremely efficient in garnering product sales.

Live Streaming

It’s undeniable that social media is a great way for companies to interact with their consumer base, get feedback, and respond to customer concerns. However, more businesses are taking advantage of the ability to build communities and relationships on social media with live streaming. Introduced on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, live streaming content helps to build brand trust and loyalty by putting a face or voice to the business.

Good companies are aware that no amount of live streaming will ever replace face-to-face interaction, so they use social media streaming to simply build the foundation and further enhance those interactions. Live streaming product launches, Q&As, or even just a day at the office can help to add personality to your brand.

“Instagrammable” Experiences

Creative event spaces in NYC like Refinery29’s 29Rooms or The Color Factory have become extremely popular over the last few months, and they seem to taken over our Instagram feeds with bright and visually stimulating shots. “Instagrammable,” or very aesthetically pleasing, experiences have always been the standard in the restaurant and fashion industries, but they are quickly becoming the rule, rather than the exception, for everyone else. Consumers don’t want to just leave with their memories; instead they want a great photo that they can share with others. Incorporating visually stimulating graphics, design, and advertisements into your business’ branding is a great way to get more attention from potential customers.

Remote Working, Social Learning

While most companies don’t have a formal policy on working remotely, a study conducted by 7th Sense Research found that 60 percent of employees felt they could do their job from home, and 72 percent felt they could be more productive working at home. If you’re balking at the idea of leaving your employees entirely unsupervised, don’t fret! This study also found that employers can save up to $20,000 per year having full-time employees work remotely, as well as see a 22 percent increase in employee productivity.

To bridge the gap in collaboration left by working remotely, many companies have adopted a practice called social learning to continue to foster participation. Social learning is the act of gathering employees together in an offsite meeting space in NYC to authentically share ideas, work through issues, and collaborate organically. This practice is extremely successful because it promotes autonomy and self-direction, which will increase your employee engagement. Nearly 50 percent of companies use social learning now, and two-thirds plan to implement it in the future, so offsite social learning seems to be the most popular corporate trend of this year.

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