Is your team experiencing low levels of morale? If you’re finding that employees are disengaged or unmotivated, the answer is probably yes. Maybe your team has had a poor sales quarter, or you recently let a member of your staff go, but no matter the reason, it’s important to acknowledge when your employees aren’t performing at their best so that you can remedy the situation.

There are a number of strategies for increasing team morale, but none are as efficient as incorporating creative meeting spaces into the workday. Bringing your employees to an unique meeting space shows them that you’re invested in fostering their creative potential and abilities. An innovative location in NYC can provide inspiration for new ideas and collaborations within your team, and that productivity will only benefit your company overall.

Creative meeting spaces have a number of qualities that contribute to increasing positive morale, so we’ve gathered a few of the most impactful below:

Lets Them Know You Care

Disengaged employees are those people who don’t enjoy coming into work, and are often just skating by to receive a paycheck. These employees don’t take opportunities to go above and beyond, and in some cases, they will be actively unproductive (i.e. wasting company time). Disengaged employees most often site a lack of workplace respect as the cause of their unenthusiasm, stating they either feel that they and their ideas aren’t respected by managers, or they don’t feel a sense of respect for their managers.

Outings to corporate meeting venues in NYC can be a great first step to bridging these kinds of conflicts. You can leave the water cooler conversations at the office and make a real effort to get to know your employees and find out more about them personally. Also, by giving them a break from the hectic workday, you can demonstrate that your company is invested in their well-being and mental health.

Develop Connections

When you travel to an offsite meeting space, your employees can interact and connect with each other in ways that they may not have been able to do in the office. The same way utilizing a creative meeting space shows that you care about your team, it also gives your team the opportunity to care about each other. When given the chance to speak and work together, they can forge true friendships and professional connections. These relationships are invaluable, as they improve employees’ personal lives while strengthening their bond and positive feelings toward your company.

Many meeting rooms also offer some sort of experiential component, so it’s also a great chance for your employees to make memories together. Whether they’re trying to solve a particular puzzle or enjoying the surrounding artwork, the space gives them a common subject to focus on, and this synchrony can help them to work more productively together.

Increase Innovation

An environmental change will challenge your employees to think differently and strengthen their capacities for creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving. These skills are invaluable to companies in any industry, so honing them is a great way to ensure that your employees are performing at the top of their game. When employees feel that they’re being challenged and helped to grow in the workplace, they’re more likely to be engaged and self-motivated workers.

Additionally, team members can use the offsite venues as a source of inspiration to incorporate into their work. Many meeting spaces adopt a unique design or theme to help jump-start their guests’ creative potential, and this inspiration can go a long way when brought back to the office.

If you’re looking for a unique meeting space in New York City, SoHoSoleil is just right for you!

We offer three artistic lofts, CornerLight, SereneSite, and MeetingSite, for corporate meetings, events, and photo shoots. Located in SoHo, our spaces are aesthetically optimized to provide guests with a creative and memorable experience, in addition to free office amenities such as WiFi, a projector, and easels to ensure that clients can be as productive as possible.

Check out our website for more information about our creative meeting spaces!

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