As managers have realized the importance of continued learning, training and development programs have become an integral part of many companies’ work environments. Each time a business puts on a training session for their employees, they face a single, simple question: on-site or off-site? On-site training are trainings that take place within the company’s office facilities, while off-site training occurs at a separate location.

Many companies tend to lean toward on-site trainings, and on the surface, the choice makes sense. It’s inherently less expensive, requires less planning, and doesn’t take your employees too far away from their work. However, even with these benefits, on-site training isn’t necessarily always the best option. We’ve compiled information on why off-site trainings can actually be more efficient for your employees, so keep reading to learn more:

More Adequate Facilities

Most traditional office spaces are not equipped to handle large, multi-day training sessions like off-site spaces can. While conference rooms are adequate for an hour-long meeting, they don’t offer enough space for your employees to comfortably sit through hours or days of presentations and exercises. Not to mention, depending on the size of your group, it could actually be a fire hazard to put too many people into a conference room. Offsite meeting spaces in NYC are designed specifically to give you and your employees room to work, eat, and relax without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

Shows Investment in Employees

The cost-effectiveness of on-site meetings is often the biggest reason why employers stick with them, but cutting corners can backfire. Employees notice where their companies spend their money, and if they feel that they are being subjected to cheap or last minute events, they’ll be less likely to take the training seriously. Using resources to increase your team’s knowledge ultimately shows that you care. Investing in your staff lets them know that you see the importance of their professional development, which can go a long way in terms of employee satisfaction and retention.

Less Distractions

As mentioned before, many companies choose to work on-site because this keeps employees close to their work, but when you’re trying to leave a lasting impression on your team, this can actually work against you. If employees train in the workplace and are surrounded by responsibilities, they won’t be able to give their full attention to the information you’re sharing. They may even be tempted to sneak back to their desks to check emails or finish up projects. When your team is separated from their never-ending list of work at an off-site space, they’ll be able to focus on the training and retain more information afterwords.

Employees Are Inspired

Think about your current office environment. Is it particularly stimulating? Does it make you think critically? Are you excited to see it every day? If the answer to any of those questions is “No,” then your team is in dire need of a creative workspace. Many offsite meeting spaces in NYC are decorated with the intention of sparking creativity in their patrons, and use things like art and greenery to inspire. A change of scenery can get your employees out of any ruts and allow them to think differently about challenges they’re facing. The space may even inspire them to come up with innovative solutions!

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