The bullpen and cubicle offices of the 80s and 90s are quickly being phased out of many office buildings, and for good reason. Nothing halts productivity like being stuck in a drab, dull office for eight hours every day, and your employees may actually begin to resent coming into work if they hate the environment. Office lifestyle and design is getting increasingly more important to employees, both current and potential.

In order to help workplace managers upgrade their corporate meeting space in NYC, we’ve taken a look at some of the hottest office design trends in 2019 and compiled a list of our favorites. For more information on how to get your office up-to-date, keep reading:

Experience-Based Spaces

More employers are recognizing that their employees want to be holistically engaged while they work, so that they can operate at the highest level possible. Some major offices like Apple incorporate perks like in-office gyms, yoga studios, and even rock climbing walls to get employees physically active. Google takes things a step further by offering massage therapy to team members as a “job well done.” If your office doesn’t have the space or budget for these things, don’t worry! Incorporating small perks like an espresso bar, meditation room, or creative art gallery can help brighten employees’ days and help them feel more engaged in the workplace.

Natural Living

This next trend is focused on bringing nature to the indoors, and showing that plants can do so much more than just give off oxygen! Having nature in the workplace can help reduce stress, lower noise, and increase both productivity and creativity. In addition, they help to boost the overall look of your office space. Living walls, plants, and the incorporation of wood and stone elements can give your office a calming, outdoor feel. If the cost or maintenance responsibilities of live plants discourages you from buying them, try artificial greens. Many look exactly like the real thing!

The Old and The New

The blending of the past and future is a major trend in this year’s office designs, as interior designers want to showcase the craftsmanship of older architecture while incorporating it with the technology of today. This balance can create an engaging and aesthetically pleasing environment where employees can feel inspired by the past and propelled into the future. Original architecture, modern furniture, and unique textures like glass and metal all help complete this trend.

Take It Outside (The Office)

When in doubt, go on out! If the above trends don’t seem feasible for your office, find somewhere new to meet. You can take your employees to a unique meeting space in NYC to broaden their horizons and inspire their next set of bright ideas. Creative spaces are designed to help employees collaborate and create greatness through artwork, design, and service. When looking for creative event spaces in NYC, prioritize original and dynamic spaces so that your team members can reach their highest potential in productivity.

If you’re ready to expose your employees to new experiences, try renting a unique meeting space in NYC with SoHoSoleil!

Our historic SoHo lofts, CornerLight, SereneSite, and MeetingSite, combine vintage 1870s architecture with modern art and design to create a space where companies can gather, collaborate, and succeed together. Each space is equipped with ample furniture, greenery, and large windows to allow natural light in. Additionally, our spaces have amenities like WiFi and A/V setup so that clients can work effortlessly.

To book a corporate meeting space in NYC, contact us today for more information!


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