Standards for meeting rooms are changing in a big way. Small rooms with conference tables and uncomfortable chairs are on their way out, and managers are looking for ways to keep their offices looking beautiful, professional, and up-to-date. But, being aesthetically pleasing isn’t the only requirement! Having functional features that improve employees’ lives is also emerging as an important factor in office design.

To learn more about how corporate meeting venues in NYC have upgraded their design features, take a look below!

Bright Colors

From the earliest days of humanity, people have used color to help them navigate the world around them. A brightly colored berry could either be delicious or dangerously poisonous for our neolithic ancestors, so we’ve developed to closely perceive color and react accordingly.  Color design in the workplace can directly affect the way your employees engage with the space. Experts on color and human behavior have found that blue is great for facilitating trust, logic, and communication, while yellow elements can help to spark creativity. Do some research and find what color works best for your team!

Natural Lighting

For most interior designers, a powerful source of natural light is ideal for best showcasing a space. In an office, not only does sunlight make everything look good, but it also helps your employees to feel good. According to a study by Psychology Today, exposure to white light improves sleep efficiency, activity levels, and quality of life. Employees found themselves sleeping an extra 46 minutes per night, which helped them to be more alert at work. In the bustling work climate of today, a focused team is an invaluable one, so sunlight is crucial.

Creative Art

Art is, unfortunately, an oft-ignored part of corporate life, as many managers may choose to focus on figures and logic. However, there are many merits to incorporating both traditional and non-traditional forms of art into your workplace. For example, simply exhibiting artwork in the office inspires employees and can help them to come up with new and unique ideas of their own. Additionally, art influences the atmosphere of a room, so you can directly affect how you want your team to perceive the work environment.

Open Work Space

An open-floor office plan can be extremely beneficial to your employees’ productivity, because it allows for more natural collaboration between team members. By breaking down literal walls, you make yourself and others feel more approachable, which improves interoffice communication. Plus, by incorporating moveable furniture and allowing them to sit, stand, and work as they please, you can offer a level of flexibility that fosters major creativity.

If you’d like to incorporate these modern design features into your work space, try renting an offsite meeting space in NYC from SoHoSoleil!

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