A team’s culture can be thought of as a company’s personality, if the company were a person. It can’t be formed by putting ping-pong tables in the lobby or organizing weekly happy hours, because it’s much deeper than objects or outings. It’s the set of shared beliefs, values, and rules that all employees ascribe to, and these ideas are so ingrained into the group that they are unwritten—and often, unspoken.

Your team’s culture defines the way current and potential employees see the company, so it’s important to be aware of your organization’s reputation. Employees at companies like Google report high levels of satisfaction, due in part to the interesting work environment and company culture. Volunteer-based groups are a great example of organizations with strong team cultures because they are able to keep team members dedicated and engaged, even without pay.  A strong team culture means a strong sense of trust is built, and employees are likely to be more efficient and autonomous in their work. Every manager’s dream is a team that operates like a well-oiled machine, so whether your work dynamic is severely lacking or altogether nonexistent, continue reading for tips on how to build a better company culture:

Open the Lines of Communication

The first step to building a quality relationship with and amongst your team members is creating a channel where communication can flow freely. If employees don’t feel that they can come to the manager with problems or new ideas, your company will ultimately miss out on productivity and ideation. And don’t just tell your employees that they can speak to you, show them! Give positive and constructive feedback often, be willing to accept criticism, and when appropriate, direct conversation toward more casual matters to build closer relations.

Empower Your Team Members

Micromanaging is the number one issue many employees have with their bosses, and turns out, it’s a big problem for employers as well. By constantly imposing controlling rules and hovering over the teams’ every move, managers are actually killing their productivity levels. Employees feel insulted and belittled, so in turn, they do the bare minimum to get by, and quickly find new jobs. As an employer, if you hire someone, you should feel assured that they can do the job without you standing over their shoulder. Give employees space to work independently and explore new projects. The skills and lessons they learn can be brought back to your team and lead to further success.

Take Them Offsite

A surefire way to ruin your chances at strong office culture is to remain stagnant and in the office. Traditional offices and desk setups can make employees feel disjointed and less inclined to reach out to each other for collaboration. Boost your team’s morale and efficiency by renting an offsite meeting space for the day! A creative meeting room in NYC with an open floor plan is perfect for getting your team together in one space, moving and working both independently and cohesively.

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