As a leader in an organization, team momentum becomes your biggest responsibility. Similar to productivity, momentum is a term that refers to the speed and efficiency with which your team members are able to perform their respective jobs. Maintaining momentum is equally as important as creating it, because your company depends on having long-term, consistent success.

There’s no perfect formula for creating momentum, because in the business world, a large factor in momentum is chance. But, there are still some very simple ways that your team can become consistent in their productivity. Continue reading to learn more:

Set Group Goals

First, work with your team to determine everyone’s skills and abilities, and then brainstorm on a number of group goals to set. Involving your team in the goal-setting process means that they’ll be invested in the success of the outcome, rather than seeing the goal as another task to be done. Track progress, so everyone can be aware of their own work and demonstrate accountability towards the common goal.

Challenge Employees

To really build momentum, teams need enthusiasm. Enthusiastic employees mean dedicated workers, and this translates to high levels of productivity and innovation. As a manager, you can build enthusiasm amongst your employees by making sure they’re never bored with their work. Offer challenges that help strengthen and hone your employees’ abilities. Also, when you build your team members’ skills, you develop internal experts, or employees who can serve as a major resource for the company.

Rent an Offsite Space

Whether your team’s momentum is slowing down or you’re completely stuck in a rut, getting out of the office and into an offsite meeting venue in NYC is the remedy. Creative corporate meeting venues in NYC are designed to facilitate professional collaboration and inspiration through decor and design. At an offsite meeting, the new environment will help your employees to feel refreshed and energized for work.

Want to learn more about corporate meeting venues in NYC? First, check out SoHoSoleil!

Our company offers three creatively decorated artist’s lofts, CornerLight, SereneSite, and MeetingSite, which are perfect for a variety of events, ranging from corporate meetings to photo-shoots. CornerLight, our most popular space, uniquely features an Artist-in-Residence, who provides a number of art pieces to the space for it’s decor. Our spaces come with equipment like WiFi, a projector, and easels so clients can work productively, as well as breathtaking views of the SoHo neighborhood and surrounding historic buildings.

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