Good office communication is crucial to the success of any business, because the ability to efficiently exchange ideas and information in a professional setting is an invaluable skill. And communication isn’t just about problem solving; it also sets the basis for employees and managers to form solid and efficient work relationships. Unfortunately, advancements in office technologies have made the art of communication difficult to master. A misunderstood email or awkward phone call can lead to halted group synergy, resulting in a loss of productivity for the company.

Obviously this is an issue managers want to avoid, and we’re here to help. We’ve researched and compiled five of the best ways to help build effective communication in any workplace. Take a look below for more information:

Determine Appropriate Communication Channels

Communication channels are the mediums by which you can get information to your employees, and they all have their own pros and cons. Emails are great for dispersing basic information to large groups of people, but in more complicated matters, your tone can easily be misconstrued and result in a misunderstanding. Phone calls and video chats are more personal and are great for international communication. They allow for tone to come through, but the lack of body language can make the conversation feel robotic and distant.

In face-to-face communication, you can control your message, tone, and body language, resulting in the most accurate conversation possible. It also gives you the opportunity to talk to your employees in real time, without worry of delayed replies or faulty technology.

Don’t Just Hear—Listen

Listening is a skill many people think they possess simply because they have ears, but there’s so much more to listening than hearing. When you listen, you focus all of your attention on the person speaking so that you can absorb as much of what they’re saying as possible. Newsflash: humans are bad at multitasking. If you’re splitting your attention between the speaker and your own mental checklist, you’re not really giving 100% effort to either of them. Slow down and allow yourself to concentrate on the conversation at hand. You’ll be surprised at what you pick up on when you’re focused.

Ask Lots of Questions

Asking questions after a conversation is a great way to show the person you’re talking to that you’re an engaged listener. Find moments to ask follow-up questions and let them elaborate on their ideas; you’ll find out more information and give your employees an opportunity to think through their ideas as they speak.

It’s important that you don’t ask questions accusingly, or make them feel like you’re trying to fluster them. Give them an opportunity to think about each question, and assure them you’re asking out of curiosity, not judgement.

Give Positive Feedback

In fast-paced and high-pressure environments, it’s easy to only focus on handling negative situations and end up ignoring all of the positive moments. But, if you only communicate with your employees when they’ve done something wrong, they’ll naturally begin to develop negative feelings toward you. Praise employees when they’ve done well, and often! This will help increase their workplace satisfaction and make them feel appreciated. In turn, they’ll be more connected to their work and show greater effort.

Encourage Team Building

Team building fosters effortless communication between employees, because the bonds they build can make team members feel more comfortable expressing their ideas with each other. Creating these kinds of relationships can be difficult in the workplace, so we suggest looking into creative event spaces in NYC where employees can work, learn, and relax together.  These spaces are often curated to be creative and productive environments for all types of work, so your employees can socialize and work hard.

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