Think of the last time you were excited to go to work. Was it because you were happy in the work environment? Or, if you’ve never felt that way, the general atmosphere of the office may have been a contributing factor. Employees are spending more and more time at their jobs, with some sources citing that a person could spend more than 90,000 hours of their life at work. Because of this, it’s important that an office environment be enjoyable and conducive to productive work. A pleasing environment will attract good employees and customers, which will result in long-term success. Therefore, it’s worth the time and investment to focus on it.

We’ve gathered some of the best ways to build a great office atmosphere for your employees, so continue reading to learn more:

Have an Open Forum

First and foremost, create a culture where free communication is encouraged, amongst both team members and management. As a manager, you’re likely used to giving critique and feedback, but it’s equally as important for you to be willing to receive it as well. When employees feel that their opinions are respected and taken seriously, they are less likely to feel dissatisfied with the work environment. Additionally, constructive criticism allows for the group to work out their dynamics and strengths, resulting in a more productive team.

Incorporate Frivolous Fun

When many people think of fun in the office, they likely imagine Foosball tables and happy hours. And while these practices are overdone, there is merit to incorporating fun into the office culture. By prioritizing your employees’ personal interests alongside their work, you can create a more well-rounded relationship with your team. Group workouts, camping trips, and dinners are all great ways to promote a close knit work environment.

Recognize Good Work

In fast-paced industries like finance and advertising, it’s easy to get so caught up in the constant stream of work that you forget to recognize your employees’ great work. Or worse, you only recognize them when they’ve made an error. If employees feel unnecessarily scrutinized or overlooked, they can develop an aversion to work, and even dread coming into the office. Avoid this by regularly acknowledging when your employees are succeeding, so that they know their good work isn’t going unnoticed.

Give Back Together

Shared experiences are an incredibly powerful way to bring people together, and volunteer work both unites people under a common goal and benefits the greater community. Create an opportunity for your team to volunteer together, whether at a soup kitchen, animal shelter, or senior center. You can also ask your team members what they’re passionate about, and brainstorm together to achieve those goals.

Get Out of the Office

Sometimes, the daily ins and outs of the office feel monotonous, and that boredom can put your team into an unproductive rut. Stepping outside of the office and experiencing a creative meeting space can inspire your employees’ creativity. Happy work environments make happy employees, and happy employees lead to high satisfaction and retention rates. Many corporate meeting lofts in NYC are designed to spark creativity, boost productivity, and create a bonding environment amongst attendees.

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