Did you know that only 15 years ago, researchers predicted that the meetings industry would collapse with the introduction of more technological advancements? Clearly, that couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Rather than distracting and confusing us like some pessimistic futurists described, technology has allowed for meeting organizers and attendees to focus on what matters most in any meeting—communication.

Technology has only expanded the way in which we see meetings, and as more advancements emerge, it’s safe to assume that trend will continue. To learn more about how technology can improve a meeting space, continue reading:

Streamline Productivity

According to a report from IACC, the most important technological tool a meeting space can have is reliable wireless internet; in fact, 33 percent of corporate professionals believe that more companies should invest in raising their bandwidth. Good WiFi in a corporate meeting space in NYC allows clients to use their own electronic devices and  work at the same speed they would in a traditional office environment. Additionally, clients can use the WiFi to access secure information from their own company’s network, which means that productivity never has to suffer.

Show the Bigger Picture

Visual aid supplements are extremely important to any meeting space, because they allow you to keep your audience’s attention during presentations. Whether you’re briefing your staff or pitching to a new client, it’s crucial to keep them engaged and attentive throughout your speech. Audio/visual tools like projectors ensure that your visual aids can be easily viewed by everyone in the room, and allow for information to be shared easily. Rather than wasting paper by printing out individual copies of reports, a more environmentally friendly option is to project the report onto a wall.

Expand Your Guestlist

Thanks to technology, the world is more globally connected than ever. It’s not uncommon for a business to have several offices in countries all over the world, and it’s important that a meeting space be able to handle that communication. Collaborative technologies like phones, video conferencing, and e-learning are becoming more popular as companies and meeting spaces alike strive to make international communication easier. Using a combination of phone and internet services, meeting spaces can create “real-time interactions” between employees and clients, thus fostering stronger business relationships.

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