Creativity is the most precious resource any individual or company can have, because as process-driven jobs dwindle, the ability to solve problems with original ideas is becoming more lucrative. Because of our growing dependency on creativity, however, it can be extremely frustrating when employees find themselves in a rut, unable to come up with any viable ideas. When focusing on being creative can’t guarantee good innovations, what will?

There are a number of ways one can reinvigorate their productivity levels and get those creative juices flowing again. Keep reading for tips and tricks on boosting your team’s creativity:

Create a Vision Board

Vision boards are a visual tool used to help individuals clarify, focus on, and achieve a specific goal. While there are digital options, the most tried and true version is a physical board (using poster paper, cardboard, or other materials) with images, words, and materials attached to it that symbolize your overall goal. While this sounds like glorified arts and crafts, it can actually be extremely beneficial in a corporate setting. Swap magazine cut-outs for market data, and you have the perfect conglomeration of important information for a project or report.

Give Meditation a Try

Meditation is a helpful tool when one is feeling overwhelmed, because it helps to clear your mind and slower your brain’s knee-jerk reactions to information. This means you’ll be more mindful and thoughtful in your processing, which can lead to deeper thinking and a heightened sense of creativity. Cognitive rigidity, or the degree to which your mind is open to new ways of thinking, can impact your ability to work and lead to stagnation, so meditation is great for keeping you on your toes.

Get Up and Move

Sometimes the thing causing your mental rut is a physical rut. Sitting in the same spot for hours on end can put your body into a restful state, which means your thoughts will be less keen and your attention to detail will lower. To stop this, take a break for a few minutes every hour or two to walk around, stretch, or even dance! Moving will help you stay awake and can provide you with new perspectives.

Do a Brain Game

While the brain isn’t technically a muscle, it still requires exercise like one. When you frequently practice being creative, it becomes easier to think creatively, the same way exercising your body becomes easier over time. Conversely, if your brain is feeling fatigued and unable to think, this is an indicator that the threshold for your mental ability is low. No-stakes brain games, like this one, require creativity but give participants freedom to come up with unique solutions, so the brain exercise feels less like work. Try it out amongst your team!

Switch Work Environments

A change in environment can provide the greatest change in your creativity, because exposure to new things helps your brain to think in new and different ways. Creative event spaces in NYC are curated to help foster innovation and ideation amongst attendees, using things like bright and eclectic decor to increase your productivity. Additionally, natural lighting and open floor plans have shown in studies to increase creative ability.

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