The most important part of establishing a business’ longevity is high customer retention, but the first step to achieving that success is acquisition. Finding and convincing new clients to work with your business is extremely difficult; in fact, the cost for client acquisition has grown 50% in just five years. When getting clients becomes a numbers game, it make it harder for small companies to stand out, so you’ve got to go above and beyond to make a lasting impression on the public. 

If you want to learn how to stand out to potential clients, keep reading for more information:

Research Extensively

Make sure that you do your homework when working with potential clients. Learn everything you can about their background, work, and future plans so that you can personalize your approach to their needs. In your pitch, explain exactly how you believe your company can assist them, and demonstrate a well thought out plan for executing it. If your client can trust that you care about helping them first and profit later, they’ll want to work with you again and again.

Anticipate Their Needs

When acquiring new clients, it’s crucial to always be thinking two steps ahead of the client, so that you can always be prepared for any of their questions, concerns, or requests. But, this hard work goes a long way: a survey found that 76 percent of customers feel that good customer service is the best way to tell how a company feels about them as a client. In order to set your business apart, it’s important to go above and beyond.

Speed is Key

You can never assume that a potential client is only working with you, so it’s advantageous to make sure that your response rate is faster than your competitors. While you might be the best company for the job, if you take too long to answer the client, they may feel that you can’t be bothered with them and take their money elsewhere. Set a 2-4 hour response time limit, depending on your industry, so clients know they can count on you.

Invite them Offsite

If your office space isn’t up to par for new clients, consider renting an offsite meeting space. You can rent these spaces by the day to hold meetings with clients, which is extremely beneficial if you work from home and want to seem more professional. These unique venues are specifically designed for your corporate events in NYC, so they are artfully decorated and curated to put your best foot forward.

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