Forget pool tables and bean bag chairs– peace and tranquility are the most important qualities employees look for in a workplace. According to the ADP Research Institute, employees seek balanced and stable work environments where they can feel secure and supported. As a manager, you can directly influence your company’s office culture and modify it to be a more calm and comfortable environment for your team.

How do you do that exactly? Continue reading to learn more about how you can create a peaceful work environment:

Open the Lines of Communication

In an office where communication is one-sided–in that managers talk at employees rather than with them–an imbalanced social dynamic emerges. Team members may be intimidated by their superiors and feel that their opinions aren’t respected, or worse, that they’ll be punished for sharing them. This can create an anxious environment where employees are afraid of misstepping, and this will translate to lower performance and job satisfaction. Instead, let your team know that their ideas and opinions are welcome and encouraged!

Give Constructive Feedback

Giving feedback is an important part of being a supervisor, but during a hectic workday, it can be difficult to realize how your comments may come off. When letting employees know about things they’re doing wrong, be sure to be as constructive as possible so that they can improve. Tearing them down and making negative remarks will only make them afraid to make mistakes, which means they’ll be afraid to take risks. If your team can’t take risks, they won’t be able to be as innovative as possible.

Allow for Periods of Rest

Reports of employee burnout in the corporate world are on the rise as we find ourselves taking on more tasks at work and having less time to decompress. On a day to day basis, this means that employees are exhausted by 5 PM and may be unable to finish their assignments. This behavior can push back important deadlines and negatively impact your team’s productivity. Encourage your employees to take breaks when necessary; it make seem counterproductive, but they’ll actually be more energized for work when they return.

Let Nature In

Natural elements are an important part of a peaceful office environment, as studies have shown that they help to lower stress levels and raise quality of life. Natural lighting reduces season depression, improves sleep, and boosts vitamin D. However, if your office space doesn’t have many windows, there are still ways you can let the outside in! Plants and other greenery are also beneficial in the office, as they raise air quality, reduce noise levels, and improve aesthetics.

Get Out of the Office

Sometimes the best way to destress from an environment is to get away from it, and that’s where a creative meeting space in NYC comes in! These spaces are optimized for peaceful and creative corporate meetings and events, and a change of pace may be exactly what your team needs. Getting out of the traditional office environment allows for new experiences and opportunities for your team to get comfortable with each other.

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