Biophilic design is the newest trend amongst interior designers, and many are hailing it as the solution to some of America’s health crises. It’s now cropping up in creative offices and corporate meeting venues in NYC and San Francisco ––but what exactly is biophilia?

Biophilia literally means “love of life,” and describes the innate human desire to be around natural forms of life. However, biophilic design is about more than just adding a potted plant to the break room. It’s a mindset that prioritizes holistic wellness and a connection to nature. Plants, sunlight, water, and open air design elements can all help to replicate the feeling of being in the great outdoors, which can have major positive effects on your employees and company. To learn more about how nature in the workplace can benefit you, continue reading below:

Improve Health

In a society increasingly plagued by pollution, plants in the workplace are an efficient solution for getting rid of unhealthy air. Plants take in CO2 and other airborne toxins and synthesize them into pure oxygen for use to breathe, so it’s no wonder why offices with large amounts of greenery report lower rates of sickness and faster recovery times. Plants can also have a beneficial mental effect, as people who are regularly exposed to nature report being less depressed than those who aren’t.

Decrease Stress and Bad Moods

Natural elements can also improve your team’s interpersonal skills. Scientist have long known that a lack of sunlight leads to lowered vitamin D, which impacts mood and energy levels. Irritable and unmotivated employees aren’t productive employees, so bringing in natural elements can help them to be happier. A study found that prolonged interaction with nature leads to more positive emotions and less time spent focusing on negativity. Additionally, they also reported higher levels of sociability amongst employees, which can help to improve your team dynamic.

Increase Productivity

Humans have near-constant exposure to new information, but unfortunately, we haven’t evolved as quickly as our technology. Cell phones, laptops, and television screens all work to provide a stream of in-depth information, which causes mental fatigue and ultimately, an attention deficit. If employees are unable to focus on a singular issue, they can’t be as efficient as possible. Spending time in nature provides a break in office monotony and helps employees to refocus their attention toward more productive work.

Now you’re likely wondering how you can turn your own office into a biophilic haven and begin reaping some of these benefits. A complete design overhaul may be ambitious for your space, but with extensive research, it’s possible. In the meantime, if you’re looking for nature-inclined NYC meeting venues, let your search end with SoHoSoleil!

Our three lofts, CornerLight, SereneSite, and MeetingSite, take a biophilic approach to design by incorporating sunlight, plants, and open, airy floor plans to create an environment that’s optimized for creativity and ideation. Our spaces also feature original artwork and traditional office amenities like WiFi and A/V equipment to cater to our clients’ needs.

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