Office managers are the glue that keeps businesses and corporations together, and their behavior can make or break your company’s success. There’s a lot of pressure on office managers to keep things together at all times, even when they have a million things going at once. Maybe you’re brand new to management and don’t know where to start. Or, you might be a seasoned administrator looking for ways to improve your office environment. Either way, keep reading for tips on how to be the best office manager you can be:

Know Your Team

First things first, get to know the people you’ll be managing. For all you know, this could be your team for the next ten years, so it’s vital that you get to know them as people, not just employees. Encourage team members to get together outside of work for (business appropriate) outings so that everyone can learn more about each other.

Stay Organized

Some people say they work best in chaos, but as an office manager, that’s just not a possibility. You’ll likely have a lot on your plate at all times, so staying organized is pretty much the only way you’ll be able to make heads or tails of anything. Create a system of organization that works best for you, whether than means keeping a detailed planner or doing everything digitally, and plan out a weekly review every week. With a weekly rundown of events, you’re always aware of what you have coming up.

Communicate In Person, and Often

Emails and text messages definitely make communicating quicker and easier, but it doesn’t always mean that the conversation will be efficient. In-person contact ensures that your ideas will be communicated clearly, with little room for misinterpretation. Additionally, it’s a great way to get face-to-face time with your team!

Stay Alert and Observant

Office managing can sometimes feel like triaging at a hospital emergency room, because you’re constantly being presented with issues that you have to tackle swiftly. It’s important to always keep an eye out for potential problems, even if your business is having a slow period. Things can come up at any moment, so you have to stay on your toes so that you can come up with creative solutions.

Set Your Limits

Being in a supervisory position means that you’ll need to set expectations and boundaries between you and your employees. These limits can be both personal and professional, and setting them sooner rather than later can eliminate uncomfortable situations in the future. It’s sometimes difficult to set boundaries, but your employees will appreciate knowing exactly what’s expected of both them and you.

Encourage Creativity

The worst thing a manager can do is stifle an employee’s creativity in favor of “doing things the way we’ve always done them.” Each person on your team was hired for a reason, so you should make sure your team can use their talents to your company’s advantage. Create an environment where employees feel comfortable presenting new and different ideas, because it’ll help your company to grow and expand.

Schedule Offsite Meetings

Sometimes the one thing employees need is to just get away from the office. Coming into the same space on a daily basis can wear on your creativity and put your team into a productive rut, so utilizing corporate meeting venues like those in NYC and LA can be extremely helpful. These unique and eclectic spaces are intended to foster creativity and increase productivity amongst attendees.

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