Planning an event, no matter the size, can be a difficult task. Not only does it feel like there are a million things to do, but you also have the pressure of executing a perfect finished product. There are some things that get easier with practice, but nobody is perfect! Even the most seasoned meeting and event planners can make a mistake or two.

Here are some of the lesser known mistakes that one can make when event planning, and a guide on how to avoid them:

Overestimating the Guest List

So, it’s natural to want to overestimate things to ensure there are enough chairs, food, etc. However, this kind of planning adds up quickly, and you’ll be disappointed on the day of your event when there are much fewer people than expected. Even with RSVPs, the unfortunate truth is that people are more likely to ditch an event than to show up last minute. You’ll likely be dealing with an excess of materials, so during your planning, make conservative estimates for attendance. This will ensure that you don’t go over your budget or end up with too many leftovers. If you’re too anxious about possibly not having enough of something to do this, then feel free to stick with your exact number of guests– but no more than that.

Not Making a Plan B

In a perfect world, all events and meetings would go exactly as we planned them, without any mix-ups or emergencies. But sadly, the world isn’t perfect, and so meetings and events are bound to go wrong. But, you can fight this by coming up with a thorough contingency plan! When coming up with a contingency plan, think of Murphy’s Law: whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Consider having options for things like low staff, bad weather, and electronic malfunctions, as these are the things most likely to cause issues.

Hosting in a Low Quality Space

The space you host in is going to have an enormous impact on the overall look of your event. It’s the first thing your attendees will see when they arrive, and it sets the tone about the kind of event that’s being held. Look for well-designed and cared-for spaces, as these will make sure your organization and event are reflected in the best possible light. Creative meeting rooms in NYC, LA, and Chicago are known for their exquisite decor and social atmospheres.

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