When it comes to corporate event planning, there is never any shortage of things on your to-do list. There’s always a caterer to call, a location to confirm, or an emergency to troubleshoot. It’s not much different from regular event planning, except you have the added pressure of your company counting on you. If you’ve never had any experience with corporate event planning, it can feel like a daunting task.

However, armed with this mini-guide on the 3 things every corporate event planner should have, you’ll be planning major work functions in no time! To learn more about the necessities of a corporate event planner, continue reading:

A Dependable Team

First and foremost, it’s crucial that you don’t try to undertake every task yourself. While you may believe that you’re the best person to get the job done, the reality is that doing too much work can leave you burnt out and unable to give 100% effort to any of your tasks. This is where a great event planning team comes in! Whether it’s just one other person or an entire staff of people, be sure to choose who you want to work with wisely. You want to assemble a team of dependable and hardworking people, who you know you can count on in a pinch.

A Strict Organization System

Organization is an important skill in any field, but in the corporate events industry, it’s a non-negotiable must-have. In order to keep your responsibilities and to-do lists in order, you need to have a clear method of organization in place. Whether you want to make things interconnected and efficient with G Suite or keep it old school with binders and agendas, the choice is yours. Just make sure that your organization system can be easily understood and adopted by your team, otherwise it will be pointless.

A Trusted Venue

The unfortunate truth of corporate event planning is that problems don’t usually arise until you get to the venue. Then, it’s truly a case of Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This is when you’ll encounter issues with capacity, security, or catering, and if your venue’s staff isn’t able to assist you, it can feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. This is why it’s important to find a corporate event space in NYC where you trust that you and your guests will be a top priority. When booking, look for signs that indicate quality customer service, such as ease in booking and good reviews from previous clients.

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