The workplace is no longer somewhere for employees to clock in, do what they’re told, and clock out. Developments in technological devices and software mean that work is almost always right at our fingertips, and many employees find themselves inadvertently working more than the average forty hours per week. This constant interaction with job-related topics can leave employees burnt out, especially if they’re unhappy with the work they’re doing. As a manager, and especially in the corporate world, this is an effect you want to avoid at all costs. A study by Gallup, a management consulting firm, found that higher reported levels of employee satisfaction and engagement correlated with an increase in positive business outcomes for the company.

There’s no doubt that every company would love for their employees to both be happy and productive, that doesn’t mean that these businesses are always taking the correct action to achieve that. To learn how you can increase employee engagement (and profits), continue reading:


Give Employees the Right Tools

Making sure employees have access to everything they need to be successful is the first step to increasing levels of engagement amongst your team. These resources can cover a number of areas and range from making sure there’s always enough paper in the printer to covering therapy under employee insurance. If employees are stressed or frustrated, they won’t be able to apply themselves the way they could if they didn’t have those obstacles. Communicate with your team and find out what their needs are, and then tend to them the same way your employees tend to your company’s needs.

Recognize Achievements

One of the largest contributing factors to successful employee engagement is motivation, because if a team feels they have a reason to work hard, then they will. While the prospect of a regular paycheck is usually enough motivation to work, it can wear off quickly and leave employees wondering “What’s the point?” Managers should focus on regularly recognizing employee achievements, as this shows that the company cares just as much about the people doing the work as they do the results. This builds loyalty and ensures that you retain employees, so try to implement things like weekly recognition where you spotlight an employee or team that’s gone above and beyond in their work.


Get Social

Work doesn’t have to be like a family, but it definitely can be like a friend! Some of the strongest relationships employees make are with each other, and it can benefit your company to endorse these friendships. Organize outings with your employees to facilitate bonding and create shared experiences. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be all happy hours and baseball games! If you’d prefer to keep things more professional, try hosting an offsite meeting or event at one of the many corporate function venues in NYC. Your employees will appreciate the exposure to new environments.


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