Team dynamics are crucial for success; the more in sync a group of people are, the more efficient they’re able to be when working together. The key to success is the ability to collaborate, but this is harder for some groups than others. When people have an obvious thread of commonality and interest, like in sports teams and volunteer groups, working toward a single goal seems intuitive. But in the corporate world, when you’re often dealing with people coming from disparate backgrounds and experience levels, finding common ground can feel impossible.

All is not lost, however! Working alongside fellow employees doesn’t have to feel like a tug of war, as there are many ways to get everyone one the same page. To learn more about how you can make your team more collaborative, keep reading below:


Set Clear Expectations

Some people are natural loners, meaning that they prefer to work independently of other people. This doesn’t mean that they’re anti-social or unhappy with their job, but it does mean that they’ll shy away from collaborative work when they can. While they might feel that they’re more productive when they work alone, they’re actually losing out on valuable constructive criticism that they could be receiving, thus bettering the end product. Communicate to your employees that while independence is celebrated, they also should seek out the insight and opinions of their fellow team members.


Play to Strengths

Everyone on your team brings something valuable to the table, whether it’s experience, expertise, or interest. Talk to your employees to found out what excites them, and encourage them to use it to the company’s advantage. If one of your team members is particularly interested in technology, advise them to keep an eye out for software that could be helpful to the business’ success. This shows both that you’re interested in their interests, and that their opinions are highly valued.


Level the Field

It’s not uncommon for hierarchies to naturally form in the workplace. Senior male employees often are prioritized while junior, female, and minority employees find themselves tasked with menial jobs and inconsequential assignments. This can lead to a silencing of these employees at the “bottom,” as they feel that their voices don’t matter and therefore shouldn’t be used. Actively and frequently encourage these employees to express their professional opinions without fear of backlash or being ignored. Start discussions off by asking these employees for their ideas first, demonstrating that their work is important to the company.


Create a Collaborative Space

Sometimes it isn’t people hindering collaboration, it’s the environment. Many offices, especially those with cubicles, are simply not designed to facilitate collaboration. Instead of being able to move freely and speak to other team members, employees can find themselves staying quietly at their desks, opting for email communication instead. While redesigning the office space is an impractical solution for many companies, there is a remedy: finding a meeting room rental in NYC. These offsite spaces are designed specifically for collaboration and ideation, serving to inspire attendees’ creativity.

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