The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently classified burnout, which is defined as exhaustion because of chronic workplace stress, as a clinical condition. This confirms many studies and testimonies of the rising prevalence of this issue in the workplace and beyond. You may have experienced burnout if you are frequently unable to concentrate and/or get headaches while you are at work. While burnout is more likely to be an issue for those in high-stress careers, such as in the medical field, it can be an irritating drain on anyone’s productivity. Interestingly, a study of neurosurgeons found that even those who enjoy their jobs experience burnout at a high percent, so it has little to do with motivation or work ethic. Burnout can arise when there is a lack of stimulation or change in work environment over a long period of time. Scheduling an offsite meeting at a creative and unique venue can be a breath of fresh air for those who feel unproductive and unfocused at their desks. Lofts for corporate meetings in NYC are great choices for these types of offsite meetings because they often have both artistic flair and natural light, which creates a stimulating setting to combat burnout. Here are some simple yet effective strategies to help yourself and your coworkers feel better and less burned out at work:

Take A Productive Pause

A productive pause is a new term to describe the tried and true theory of taking a beat (it can literally just be 10-30 seconds!) to reflect and contemplate your life and your goals when you are feeling overwhelmed. This is actually a very productive behavior because once you decide to tune back in and focus after your pause has ended, you are much more likely to get right down to business and work more effectively than if you had tried to stick it out and had not taken a break. A unique venue for an offsite meeting can allow managers to facilitate team-building exercises and unsupervised break-out sessions in a new environment that allows for employees to experience the work day differently and make time to briefly pause. When implemented over time, this quick and easy daily practice really can help to decrease stress and let the brain relax if one experiences burnout at work.

Foster Connections, Mentorships, and Partnerships

Many burnout sufferers notice an improved vigor and state of mind in the workplace when they are informally or formally mentored by others. Mentorships help employees feel supported and encouraged when a burnout episode strikes, and this practice can also enhance communication and positive reinforcement that boosts self-esteem and job satisfaction. It’s a win-win scenario for employers looking for higher levels of productivity and employees looking for more social connection and personal growth opportunities at work. An offsite meeting can be a great opportunity to build connections between employees who would not otherwise get the opportunity to network with one another. Even if there is no formal mentorship program, employees will still benefit from team building exercises and informal partnerships that can be facilitated in a creative meeting space.

Shake Up Your Routine

Employees can often be jolted out of the negative mental pathways of burnout by changing their work routine. A burnout sufferer wrote in a Business Insider article that consciously developing curiosity at work has helped ease his mental stress. A way to stimulate curiosity and new experiences at work is an offsite team meeting; it allows employees to get out of their physical and mental ruts of the office and experience new social and collaborative dynamics. Additionally, unique venues for corporate events in NYC can offer more than just location change—it provides employees with a welcoming physical atmosphere with more natural light, plant life, and creatively curated art and furniture than a regular office might have. These are only a sample of the amenities that creative meeting spaces can provide. An offsite corporate event or meeting at this type of venue may inspire curiosity and relieve some stress for hard-working employees that may feel burned out in their regular office space.

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