Photography as a medium today is evolving quickly along with the technology. The relevance of the theme photo shoot now seems to carry a lot of weight, whether the specific time period or style is being simply emulated or even subtly critiqued. Theme photo shoots are a great way for a photographer to develop their skills, and showcase their artistic range and adaptability. There are a few crucial choices to make when starting to plan a theme photo shoot, and here are some guidelines and advice for beginning this process.

Pick the Right Theme and Interpretation

Whether the theme is up to you or not, you can still impact the final product of the photo shoot by picking a visual or emotive interpretation. For example, if the theme is sports, it can be about the struggle of a professional athlete or the leisurely lifestyle of an amateur player. The mood and atmosphere of a photo cannot always be completely premeditated, and it is best to factor in everything, from your theme, interpretation, intent, and location, in order to get the best out of a theme photo shoot.

Bring the Right Materials

The composition of a photograph is determined by what is in the photo and how much stuff is in it. While some photographers prefer the eclectic style of a busier frame, others may want a more minimalist look with less objects and lots of negative space. Either way, things will never go perfectly as planned on shoot day, so bring extra supplies, props, or equipment in case there are unforeseen physical obstacles. Different supplies and materials will also be helpful in case you get a burst of inspiration and decide to go in a new direction, perhaps inspired by the location on shoot day, which leads into the final topic.

Select the Right Shoot Location

The location of a photo shoot is crucial for representing the chosen theme. When seeking out a photo or video studio rental in NYC, it is important to keep in mind your materials, supplies, and your desired outcome and thematic interpretation in order to achieve the best results. Certain types of spaces can be easily retrofitted for thematic qualities, i.e. bohemian, minimalist, conceptual, and ethereal.

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SoHoSoleil offers three different loft spaces called CornerLightSereneSite, and MeetingSite that can be rented for photo shoots and corporate events. They each have lots of amenities in terms of natural light, plant life, and eclectic artwork, but are still minimalist enough to be customizable for a photo shoot.

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