When planning a corporate event, the main priority is for the event to run smoothly and efficiently, but what about factoring in green practices to reduce waste and preserve energy? In fact, small shifts in buying practices can still make an impact on the environment, and green business practices will even save your company some green! A 2017 study found that a group of 190 Fortune 500 companies saved billions of dollars by implementing new renewable energy practices, and there’s evidence that this works on a smaller scale as well. Here are some small but impactful ways to maximize your budget and minimize your environmental impact when planning a corporate event.

Take Inventory and Purchase Supplies Wisely

Events require a lot of supplies, from food and beverage items to paper materials and decorations, and it might seem like the right choice to order in large quantities just in case something happens. However, this can end up being a pretty wasteful practice. So while it may take a bit more time and effort, taking inventory of your supplies and then purchasing an order to fit appropriate metrics is more environmentally sound. If you absolutely need to pad the order with extra quantities, you can encourage people to take any extra cups or plates with them to use at home after the event is over, or even go the extra mile and drop supplies off at a local community center so none of it goes to waste. No matter what your order purchasing policy is, there is always a way to give back and be less wasteful.

Make it Fun!

The best way to successfully integrate greener practices at a corporate event is to make it fun, and perhaps make it a part of the festivities. Using paper straws instead of plastic ones can create a fun and retro feel for beverages, while also saving turtles and marine life. And if you use paper cups as well, you can provide guests with colorful markers for them to customize with their name. This is so they can always find their cup when they want to refill it instead of getting a new one, which limits waste. It can also be a fun icebreaker and introduction technique instead of using name tags, which saves you from having to buy those as well. With a little creativity, being environmentally friendly can be easy and fun for event planners and guests alike.

Find a Green Venue

While the event planner usually has the most control over the event’s environmental impact, the event venue can either add to the carbon footprint or reduce waste in both energy and money. Finding New York corporate event venues that are easy to commute to, especially on public transit, is crucial. If the event is held at an accessible and central location, your guests will use less gas and other natural resources to get there. Plus, the guests will probably be happy to have a more streamlined and faster commute to the event as well. Another big energy demand for corporate events is lighting and temperature control. Therefore, a loft space with large windows is a great solution. It will provide natural lighting during the day, and a natural cooling method by opening the windows that means for less chilly and wasteful AC use. Remember that it is not necessary to sacrifice comfort in order to be more environmentally conscious. In fact, the right venue for your corporate event will help to conserve energy, as well as creating a more natural and unique ambience for the attendees.

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SoHoSoleil has provided companies from around the world with New York corporate event venues for over twenty years. The three lofts available are CornerLight, SereneSite, and MeetingSite. Each one is unique but they all have Wifi and presentation tools, along with other amenities. Most importantly, the natural lighting and plant life in each of the spaces fits within environmentally conscious practices.

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