Creative Offsite Venue NYC

It’s no secret that creative meeting spaces have become the premier venues for offsite corporate meetings and events. Even Fortune 500 global conglomerates like Coca Cola, P&G, and PayPal are using them.

But doesn’t it make you wonder why these companies are investing in offsite venues when they probably have state-of-the-art in-house conference rooms? What possible advantages can these venues provide that you can’t find in a traditional conference room? Well, let’s find out.

Turning it into an Occasion

When you hold corporate meetings at a multipurpose creative space, it tells your employees and delegates that it’s something important. It excites them and motivates them to show up. Employees attending offsite meetings often go the extra mile in terms of preparation, and are a little more attentive during the meeting.

An Inspiring Environment

Regardless of how beautiful your office is designed, working in the same space for a prolonged period can become quite monotonous – and this monotony saps the brain of creativity, and can lead to unvaried solutions and ideas. A change from the familiar, formal office environment to one with a stimulating decor and stunning views can inspire creativity and fresh attitude in your employees. It can refresh their minds and coerce them into thinking outside the box.

Great for Team Building and Networking

Once outside the formal setting of the office, you’ll find your employees more willing and eager to socialize and network. With team building activities, they’ll be better able to understand how their abilities can complement those of their colleagues and how they can work together to drive the company forward. Offsite meeting spaces help you capture that energy and bring it back to the office. The unique experience they provide can inspire employees and ignite a passion to take further responsibility within the enterprise.

A Relaxed, Stress-Free Environment

A somber and stoic conference isn’t always the perfect backdrop for an internal meeting. Sometimes, you need a more relaxed environment –an environment that allows for more effective idea sharing and collaboration. An offsite creative meeting space provides just that. It allows you and your delegates to escape the stressful hustle and bustle of the office in order to focus on a task. It is the perfect setting for relaxed idea sharing and discussion.

Boosts Employee Morale

It’s not often that your employees get the chance to be out and about with their colleagues. An offsite meeting will give them the chance to speak out and impress. A change of scenery and setting can do wonders in terms of refreshing the mind and boosting morale. Planning fun activities or a happy hour after the meeting just adds to the offsite experience.

Corporate Meeting Room NYC

Taking your employees to a creative offsite meeting place is a great way to foster a creative thought process. At SoHoSoleil, we provide meeting spaces for rent in NYC. We have multiple venues that can be used for a variety of corporate events. Some of our clients include Coca-Cola, Nike, MasterCard, Novartis, Apple, and more! Contact us today for more information.