Since it first emerged in 2005, the concept of co-working space has been steadily gaining traction in the business realm. While the primary aim of earlier generation co-working spaces was to provide freelance workers with support and resources they couldn’t find at home, café’s and other locations, co-working spaces today have evolved so they can also cater to the needs of large businesses and corporations.

But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. For those who’re new to the concept of a co-working space, it’s a business services provision model that involves companies or individuals working together in a shared space. The concept is highly popular today, with more than 21,000 co-working spaces open across the globe.

The reason behind this rise in popularity? Well, there are many. Co-working spaces provide both fledgling business and freelancers with communal business spaces that are markedly different to traditional corporate spaces. Co-working spaces offer many advantages over a conventional corporate setting. The most prominent ones include desirable impermanence, a great/open well-designed layout, and an environment that promotes networking.

However, it’s not all positive news. Not all businesses find co-working spaces to their liking. You see, co working spaces are not the perfect fit for businesses that prefer a structured business culture. Here’s why.

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Disturbances and Disruptions

As co-working spaces are shared by multiple organizations, noise and disturbances are often unavoidable. This can create difficulty if you want a quiet environment that promotes focus and concentration. Because it’s a shared setting, you cannot impose any rules in terms of noise and discipline. While most workers in a co-working environment are aware and respectful of the unique environment they’re working in, people will still move around, talk to each other, make calls, etc.

Lost Time

The co-working environment encourages networking. Therefore, you and your employees are likely to lose some time due to socializing. It’s virtually impossible to work for eight straight hours in a co-working environment, which means that you’ll spend a considerable amount of time talking to people. While this sort of environment suits some businesses, others find it unproductive.


Volatility is another part of the co-working space package. The organizations and individuals you’re sharing the space with will keep on changing, and some co-working spaces don’t even offer fixed seating arrangements, so you’ll be seated somewhere different every time. If you’re looking for a stable, no-surprise work environment, co-working spaces are perhaps not the best option.

The Perfect Middle Ground?

So is there a setting that offers the best of both a traditional office space and a co-working space? Yes, there is. Creative meeting spaces offer the best of both worlds. They offer you the control and independence of a conventional office setting while simultaneously providing the flexibility and freedom of a co-working space.

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