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Currently, creative meeting spaces have experienced a significant boom in popularity. It seems like people are fed up with the traditional office environment and want to find venues that offer more than just a flip chart, a table and four white walls.

But what exactly does a venue space need to have in order to be deemed “creative”? Well, in addition to providing all the functional facilities required that ensure a productive meeting, it needs to have an environment that encourages participation and inspires ideation. There has to be something that makes spending the extra money worth it, right?

However, you’d want to ensure that you’re spending your money on the right venue. To make the process of choosing the right creative meeting space easier, here are some things you should look for.

An Artistic Flair

You’re finding a creative meeting space because the traditional office environment just doesn’t cut it, right? You need a place that evokes a sense of creativity–a place that’s about color, great design, artwork, and effortless elegance.

According to a University of British Columbia study, it was found out that exposure to colors such as red and blue can help boost brain performance and the ability to think creatively.

When a venue has all these things, it becomes the birthplace of revolutionary ideas, ideas that can make a difference and drive change, ideas that are invaluable for businesses.

Comfort that Encourages Participation

Most onsite conference rooms are designed for meetings that are concise and to the point. And as such, they’re not really designed with comfort in mind. But when it comes to planning an all-day event, you want a space where your team can be comfortable.

When your guests are comfortable and relaxed, you’ll find them more willing to participate and open to new ideas. This is a crucial step towards achieving productive results.

All the Tech Required for a Productive Meeting

At this point, you’re probably thinking that any art gallery with a lounge can act as a creative meeting space. Well, you’re forgetting something important—the tech. We’re not talking about some highly sophisticated tech, which requires a NASA engineer to operate. We’re talk about just your regular projectors, screens, some speakers and a solid internet connection. A useful and functional creative meeting space will provide everything you need to get your message across in an effective manner.

The Location of the Venue Counts as Well

The whole point of an offsite meeting is defeated if you rent a venue that’s just a couple of blocks down from the office. The best creative meeting spaces are in locations that inspire and excite—a location that won’t only inspire your guests to show up but will inspire them to show up on time.

SoHoSoleil’s venues, for instance, are located in NYC’s iconic SoHo! The historic neighborhood is one of the biggest attractions of the Big Apple and is known for its high-end fashion boutiques, restaurants and beautiful cast-iron buildings. 

Corporate Meeting Space NYC

At SoHoSoleil, we provide corporate meeting spaces, meeting rooms, and loft space for events in NYC. We have multiple venues that can be used for a variety of corporate events. Some of our clients include Coca-Cola, Nike, MasterCard, Novartis, Apple, and more! Contact us today for more information.