Let the Artwork in CornerLight Stimulate Your Creative Process

On a mission to inspire others who come to collaborate, our Artist-in-Residence has curated the day rental property with a number of her pieces. The gallery-like approach, fusing CornerLight at SoHoSoleil with an art studio space for rent in NYC, makes for a distinctive workshop locale.

The New York Times writes about the loft

“Wendy Friedman’s loft on the fifth floor is flooded with light from the south and west. A multimedia artist, she also rents her apartment out for photography and film shoots and corporate retreats. Ms. Friedman’s bedroom walls are covered with dozens of phrases she has overheard — like ”can’t see Kansas City tonight” — outlined in clothesline, pushpins, pencil dots and twisted chicken wire.”

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Wendy R Friedman Read an article about the artist
When downtown artist Wendy R Friedman moved into a SoHo corner loft the abundant sunlight, often emanating through its vast windows, caused her to dub the property CornerLight. Unobstructed city views, add further to the vitality of the open atelier and seem to transfer their energetic vibe directly into her art.

Wendy R Friedman’s assembly of words and pictures conveys an adventurous approach to discovery and invention. From ceramics to murals, sculptures and collages she deploys a wide range of styles and mediums. Her methods include embroidery, crochet, weaving, tying, taping, sandblasting and painting. Piecing unrelated found objects together Ms. Friedman encounters unforeseen surprises and complications in need of novel solutions. Trial and error grants her the opportunity to piece the multi-layered microcosms of our chaotic world into manageable order. Within a story-telling context some works rest upon deciphering hidden subject matter. Others often play outside the confines of explanation, making them all the more intriguing to viewers.

Ms. Friedman’s bright colored artistry inspires an air of innovation that’s helpful for many different types of creative problem solvers. After attending a gathering here, you’ll never be able to look at a sticker, a plastic food container, or a smashed soda can the same way!

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