best nyc meeting spotSo you run an international company. It is time for your big quarterly meeting, but this year, airline prices are at an all-time high. It will prove difficult to fly out all of the top officials from your international offices. What should you do? This year it is time to pick the best NYC meeting spot and hold a meeting where your international counterparts report virtually. As long as you have a projector, plenty of space for the employees that will be reporting in person, and a hefty time-frame to account for the troubles of time differences, then the meeting should go efficiently, but more importantly, cost-effectively.

What are some benefits of holding a big meeting online?

  1. More Attendees
    Big meetings do not usually allow for every international employee to attend, not only for cost reasons, but also because someone needs to stay back and run their respective office. The company cannot go into complete sbest nyc meeting spothutdown for a meeting. However, virtually, not just the highly ranked professionals will have the opportunity to attend. Other members of the office will be able to peek their head in, speak their mind, and gain insight on what is going on in terms of the bigger picture of the company.
  2. Less Time Wasted
    The more people there are in one room, there more opportunity there is that something will go wrong. The stuffy spaces that accommodate hundreds of people restrict movement and take more time to set up and break down. Choosing the best NYC meeting spot instead will allow for space, catering so that no one has to step directly out of the office, and will still offer an out-of-office experience for both the people in the space and the people reporting virtually. The new environment will please the senses. 
  3. More Productivity
    With a large group of people, time is taken to pass out papers, display graphics, and flesh out ideas. If there are employees in their respective offices, they have the opportunity to put those ideas into action immediately. The success of certain ideas may be evaluated at the same time as they are presented. This eliminates the need for the follow-up meeting, which too takes up time. best nyc meeting spot

Picking the best NYC meeting spot for a few top employees and resisting the urge to fly out international counterparts can not only be a time saver, but can eliminate financial burdens as well!