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event space nycFeng Shui, the Chinese practice of harmonizing people with their environments, is often closely associated with decorating homes. But did you know that you can practice Feng Shui in your work and event space NY? We spend a lot of time in our work spaces, so it’s important they feed our productivity. Even if you’re limited with the furniture you have and how things can be moved, there are many simple ways you can change the vibe of your work space. We’ve gathered a few tips on incorporating Feng Shui into your event space NY, so keep reading to find out how!

event space nyClear Out Clutter
Eliminating clutter in your event space NY is crucial, because not only does it make everything look nicer, but it also can have a positive affect on your mood. As the saying goes, “a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind,” and in Feng Shui, this rings true. Throw out unnecessary garbage, papers, and knick-knacks they may be taking up precious space, and begin your move toward a more minimalist lifestyle.

event space nyUse Energy Boosters
And no, we don’t mean anything out of a video game! In Feng Shui, energy boosters are items that make your event space NY’s energy more positive. Things like air-purifying plants, photos of high energy moments, and brightly colored artwork can all help bring your work environment’s positive energy up. Of course, check to see what kind of personal items you’re allowed to have in the space, first.

event space nyBack Against the Wall
In Feng Shui, it’s considered extremely unlucky to sit facing the wall, or to have one’s back to the door. The former implies that your progress will be impeded, while the latter is a bit more grim–you may be opening yourself up to be stabbed in the back. Facing the door or windows is much better, so try to orient yourself accordingly. If you can’t change your set up, Feng Shui suggests using a small vanity mirror so you can always see behind you!

Interested in learning more about Feng Shui? Check out one of the many articles about it from The Spruce!


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conference room nycLike most people in the world, you probably aren’t your best self when you’re tired. A sleepy brain is a muddled mind, and studies have shown that going 24 hours without sleep is like being drunk. If you wouldn’t show up to work drunk, why show up exhausted? Though the other option, staying home in bed and sleeping all day, sounds perfect, it’s unfortunately not realistic. So, here are some tips on how to stay high energy when you’re fatigued at work!

conference room nycGet on Your Feet
Sedentary is the new smoking, meaning that sitting/standing for 6-8 hours a day can affect blood flow and potentially lead to blood clots. Using energy helps to boost energy, so get out of your conference room NYC and take short, five to ten minute breaks to get some exercise! Take a walk, use the stairs, or just get a good stretch going–anything to get your blood pumping.

conference room nycFood for Thought
Your body converts the nutrients you get from food into energy that helps you go about your day. So, if you’re feeling groggier than usual, you may just need a snack to boost you! Stay away from sugary, processed candies and chips and stick to fruits, veggies, and nuts. Yogurts and high fiber snacks like rice cakes and popcorn are also yummy, healthy snacks!

conference room nycDrink Up!
Sometimes when we’re feeling fatigued, it’s a result of our bodies becoming dehydrated. When we’re thirsty, our hearts have to work harder to pump blood due to the lack of fluids. Talk about bad blood! The Mayo Clinic recommends that adults drink almost three to four liters of water per day, depending on their body size. This may sounds like a lot, but just keep a bottle of water in your conference room NYC and drink throughout the day! You’ll be hydrated in no time.

For more tips on how to keep your energy up in your conference room NYC, check out this article from the University of Washington!

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corporate event venue nyc

As the internet continues to develop, the number of things we’re able to do with it is ever-growing as well. From social media to email, we have access to every important account and document at the tip of our fingers. However, this also means that cyber-criminals can easily gain that same access. You may be thinking, “don’t cyber crimes only happen on computers?” The answer to that is no! We keep tons of important and sensitive information, like bank numbers and passwords, on our phones. So, it’s really important to keep your mobile device safe, which will in turn keep your corporate event venue NYC safe. Here are a few tips on how to do so!
First and foremost, you want to set up basic security: a lock and pin number on your phone, as well as turning on the ‘Auto-Lock’ feature. This ensures that your phone isn’t vulnerable to cyber attacks when it’s idle. Additionally, it’s recommended that you set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) services on all of your devices. MFA requires that you approve a sign-in request from a second, previously set up device to ensure that all log-ins are legitimate. While this may be tedious when you’re busy running around your corporate event venue NYC, but if you’re ever the victim of a cyber attack, you’ll wish you had it.
corporate event venue nyc

Next to having your password, the easiest way for cyber criminals to gain access to your device is through network connections. Whether Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, if hacker can connect to you through a wireless network, your phone becomes an open book. However, this can be prevented! Only connect to networks that you know are affiliated with your corporate event venue NYC, and report any suspicious ones.

corporate event venue nycSecurity Apps
As your final defense against hackers, security apps can be especially helpful if your corporate event venue NYC requires you to use your own device, or if you work with a lot of sensitive information. Apps like Knox, from Samsung, use device built-in vault storage to separate personal information from professional work. Just be careful that the security app you’re using is legitimate! Follow up with an app like Google Play Protect, which can constantly scan your apps for dangerous malware.

Still looking to feel more secure? Check our this article from the Harvard Business Review for more tips!

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cheap event space nycLet’s face it: things are expensive. And when you’re planning an event for a crowd of any size, things can get more than a little pricey. But just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean your party has to look it! There are plenty of cheap, and sometimes free, ways to dress up a space. Here are two of the best ways to make your cheap event space NYC look like a million bucks!

cheap event space nycLighting
“Lights, camera, action!” There’s a reason why lights come first in that famous phrase! Lighting is quintessential to everything from filming to partying, because it helps to set the tone for the night. Don’t just rely on overhead lighting at your event space, because it often can feel fluorescent and sterile. Inexpensive chandeliers are perfect for fancy events, and flashing lights can create a high energy mood for parties. Or, try string lights or votive candles (if allowed) to add a cozy, yet elegant feel to intimate gatherings. Also, dimming the lighting can distract from any imperfections at your cheap event space NYC!

cheap event space nycColor
If you’re staring at your cheap event space NYC’s blank walls, wondering how you’ll make it look anything close to good, don’t worry! While you probably can’t paint the walls of your cheap event space NYC, you do have control over how you decorate it–which is just as good! The way you dress a room up is extremely important, because it can entirely change how the room feels. A monochromatic theme is a simple way to ensure everything goes together, while a color pair can help carry the theme throughout the space. Whichever way you choose, make sure that the colors flatter your event and space!

For more tips on how to decorate your event space, check out this article from The Spruce!

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new york city eventsTop o’ the morning! What’s the craic? If you’ve started to notice four leaf clovers everywhere you go, you’re not going mad! This Sunday, March 17, 2018 is St. Patrick’s Day, though NYC has been serving up Irish fun all month long. This weekend, however, takes the cake–or pot of gold! We’ve compiled an itinerary of New York City events that are sure to send you right over the rainbow, so grab your green, get geared up, and let’s go!
new york city eventsSt. Patrick’s Day Parade
Is it really St. Paddy’s Day if you don’t watch a step-dancing team stomp down 5th Avenue? Of course not! That’s why you have to head over to the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, March 17th. This New York City events is legendary, and for good reason! Every year, there’s plenty of culture to be shared, candy to be eaten, and bagpipes to be heard! If you can’t make this parade, make sure you check out the Brooklyn St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday, March york city eventsBeer Mug Making at Brooklyn Glass
Still drinking your ale out of a red Solo cup? Here’s your chance to upgrade your glassware and get creative! Brooklyn Glass in Gowanus will be holding a beer mug making class on March 17, 2018, and for a fee of $195, you can work with real molten glass to build yourself a mug from scratch! This is an awesome opportunity, but you have to sign up fast, because tickets are going quickly!new york city eventsNYC St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl
St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse for a pub crawl–as if you ever really need one!, a staple in New York City events, has organized a three day weekend pub crawl, which covers every neighborhood from Chelsea to the Lower East Side. And the best part of it all? 
For only $20, you get access to the bars for all three days (drinks not included)! Tonight, they’ll be kicking off with the “Happy Hour” pub crawl, so buy your tickets now so you don’t miss it!

Looking for more fun things to do this weekend? Check out this article from Thrillist for some tips!

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nyc cheap event spaceThis year’s flu season has been particularly brutal, and it’s only expected to get worse. As the weather begins to change from the cold winds of winter to the fresh showers of spring, more people are at risk of getting sick, so it’s important we take precautions to protect ourselves and others. Below, we have a few tips on how to avoid getting a cold or the flu, as well as ways to germ-proof your NYC cheap event space!
nyc cheap event spaceWash Your Hands!
I’m sure if you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: washing our hands is our best defense against germs! Our hands pick up millions of gross bacteria as we go about our day; you’re not doing yourself any favors by rubbing your fingers in your eyes or mouth. Make sure to wash your hands multiple times a day, and not just when you use the bathroom. Do it when you come in from inside, before cooking–even just after touching NYC cheap event space doorknobs! Pro-tip: Use an antibacterial hand soap to ensure you’re killing all the bad germs.
nyc cheap event space Tuck and Cover
Even when you’re feeling fine, sneezes and coughs carry germs that can either make you sick later, or make someone else sick now. For this reason, it’s important to always cover your nose and mouth–but not with your hands! Per our last point, coughing into your hands is a definite no, so always try to use a tissue, or your elbow if you’re in a pinch, to make sure that you don’t spread your germs to everyone else in your NYC cheap event space.
nyc cheap event spaceTake Leave When You Need It
Work culture glorifies working oneself to the bone and coming into the office–even when you’re on your deathbed. However, if you do find yourself coming down with something, still going to work isn’t as noble as it may seem. You’re hurting others by exposing them to your germs, and you’re especially hurting yourself by delaying your recovery. When you’re sick, if it’s possible, take one day to stay home from your NYC cheap event space and rest. This helps your body recharge to fight off those germs and get back to health. It’s definitely worth it to take the time off!

For more tips, check out this informative article from WebMD!

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nyc loft event space

Earth Day is quickly approaching–44 days away, to be exact– so it’s about the time of year that we take a look at our habits and determine if they’re benefiting the environment around us. When we think of waste, our minds often focus in on plastic waste. While this is important, it also means that we may turn a blind eye to paper waste. All of the bags, receipts, and scrap paper we throw away on a daily basis can really pile up! We know you want to ensure that your NYC loft event space is environmentally friendly, so we’ve come up with a couple of ways you can fix this and reduce your paper waste!
nyc loft event spaceCut Down on Junk Mail
There was once a time when junk mail was considered an annoying yet inescapable part of life. Your NYC loft event space mailbox was at the mercy of credit card offers, weekly ads, and sweepstakes forms–but that’s all changed! You can now hire websites like or, and for a one-time fee, your name will be removed from all major commercial mailing lists for five years. And if you use 41pounds, this service can be extended to up to five adults in your home–for no extra charge! These services are sure to cut down on paper waste and headaches!
nyc loft event spaceE-Filing: Of the Future
Keeping the family’s important papers in a shoebox probably worked out great for your mom, but as the world digitizes, it’s actually dangerous to only rely on physical copies of documents. The paper copies of items like birth certificates, wedding licenses, and lease for your NYC loft event space should be kept in secure, waterproof areas; however, it’s important to always scan and save digital files. Save these files to a cloud storage system like iCloud or Google Drive to ensure you can access them from anywhere.

For more tips on cutting down your paper waste, check out this article from the New York Times!

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event space soho

Spring is almost here! After a long, cold winter, it’s time to hop up off of the couch and head out into the beautiful, snow-less world. It’s hard to figure out just what events to go as the weather gets warmer; there can be so many activities and dates to choose from. We’ve made that choice a little easier for you by compiling a list of the top three events near your event space SoHo to check out this month!

Macy’s Flower Show
Macy’s is putting on it’s 44th Annual Flower Show, which means they’ll be topping forty-four years of floral tradition! This year’s theme is “Once Upon A Springtime,” so goers can expect to see lots of fantasy and storybook characters amongst the lilies. The show is held each year at the Macy’s Herald Square location, and will be on display from March 25th until April 6th. The best part? It’s absolutely free!

“David Bowie Is” 
For the more artistically-inclined, head over to Brooklyn Museum where you’ll find over 400 authentic David Bowie objects, ranging from recordings and sheet music to his legendary stage costumes. For a $20 admissions fee ($25 on weekends), viewers can get an unprecedented look into the life and music of the legend. This exhibit will remain on display until July 15 and is just a subway ride from your event space SoHo, so you can go as many times as you’d like.

Mac & Cheese Smackdown 
Once your nose is full of floral scents and your eyes are full of art, take a trip to the Brooklyn Expo Center to fill your tummy! On Sunday March 8th, they’ll be holding the biggest macaroni & cheese competition in New York City, featuring 20 local restaurants. The “smackdown” is presented by Time Out New York, and even features a few restaurants located near your event space SoHo, so this is the perfect chance to find your new favorite mac&cheese spot!

For more information on fun activities for this spring, check out this page from Time Out!

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When working at an NYC event space, organizers are expected to wear many different hats. Not only are they responsible for making sure everything is in order, but they also must be prepared to quickly troubleshoot any problems that may arise. It can be difficult to handle this on one’s own, and unfortunately many organizers work alone. Luckily, technology is here to save the day! Smartphone apps are becoming more sophisticated each day, and while they have given us fun games like Temple Run and Angry Birds, there’s an entire sector of tech devoted to making your life easier. Ranging from simple reminders to personal assistants, these apps can help you get in control of your work. Take a look at a few of the apps we’ve gathered below!

Founded in 2012, 24me is an app designed to equip you with your own personal assistant. 24me syncs with everything–your utilities, service providers, calendar, and email–as well as has advanced features like voice-to-text notes and eGifting. All of these features are accessible from a simple toolbar, making this app perfect for the person who likes to keep everything in one place.

If, short for “If That, Then This,” is an app made for the multitasker! Somewhat like a domino effect, you can create paired actions between apps that activation if one is performed. For example, if you want a pizza delivered when you arrive at your NYC event space, then you can use If to connect the Domino’s app to your locations app. Yum, technologically delicious!

LastPass is a gift from the heavens for the forgetful! This app stores all of your passwords and autofills them in when you visit the respective websites. While this doesn’t provide ultimate security, it can be extremely helpful for people who have a difficult time remembering many different passwords, or accessing accounts across multiple devices.

Remember the Milk
If you love lists, Remember the Milk is the app for you! This app allows you to create online to-do lists, which can then be shared . The app syncs across all devices and accounts, so you never miss a notification for something important. If you have a list of tasks to be completed at your NYC event space, you can also share your lists with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page. This apps takes to-do lists to the next level!

When you’re running around your NYC event space, you can’t always look over every text, article, and video you’re sent. Pocket is an app that helps you save these items, or put them in your “pocket,” for later. These links are organized in the app according to your reading style, so it’s customized specifically to you. Boasting over 30 million downloads, this app is helping users stay on top of life–even when they don’t have time to.

For more organizational apps to try, take a look at this article from PopSugar!
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