Celebrity Puzzle

SoHoSoleil’s Celebrity Guest Puzzle

Can you identify patterns quickly? Are you able to reason logically? Do you just really like famous people? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you’ll love figuring out the solutions to our crossword puzzle clues!

Did you know puzzling can also reduce stress and enhance verbal skills? When we realized the problem-solving capabilities of many of our patrons, we thought it would be fun to publish puzzles – yes, there are more to come! Our goal is for our clients to have an opportunity to further flex and challenge their mental capacities while at our New York corporate event venues. Plus, a little friendly puzzle solving competition between attendees never hurt anyone! The outcome, we hope, will energize group dynamics and improve overall experience.

Over the last 22+ years we’ve had the privilege of hosting nearly 100 famous celebrities. A few of their names can be found in the italicized clues given in our first SoHoSoleil Celebrity Guest Puzzle.

Our array of celebrity guests hail from all over the world and work in every industry from athletics to the culinary arts. Some have come to be photographed, others to be filmed, and a few have even lectured here! Each person brought their own special light to SoHoSoleil, and we’re so glad to have had them. We’ve been blessed to spend time with people like reality star and influencer, Khloe Kardashian; members of the band, Vampire Weekend; comedian Seth Meyers; Big Little Lies actresses, Zöe Kravitz and Shailene Woodley; and even supermodel Kate Moss. We have fond memories of music icon David Bowie sitting in our diner booth with his daughter by his side and the late comedienne Joan Rivers asking to go through our Artist-in-Residence’s portfolio.

Finn Vigeland is a crossword puzzle constructor by night and an urban planning graduate student by day. His puzzles have appeared in The New York Times, Chronicle of Higher Education, BuzzFeed, Twenty Under Thirty, and Queer Qrosswords. For two years he taught the JASA crossword class in New York City. For custom crossword puzzle inquiries, contact Finn at fvigeland@gmail.com.

We hope you and your team will try our SoHoSoleil Celebrity Guest Puzzle and future editions when gathering at our NYC meeting venues.

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