conference centerSometimes, sitting in a meeting at the conference center can be a drag, so enjoying yourself during your lunch break is a must. It’s important to give yourself a fun, little break that’ll give your mind and body some time to relax from all your work stress. Moving around during your time away from the conference center can be a great way to spend your hour away from work. Grab your lunch to-go and munch away as you take a light stroll in the park. Too lazy to walk around? Consider spending some bonding time with your co-workers, and invite them out for lunch with you at a nearby restaurant. Engage in conversations that don’t have to deal with your latest team project, and allow yourself to get your mind off all the responsibilities you have to tend to once you’re back in the office. If you’re not in a super social mood, that’s okay too! Let your mind wander with a good book or an interesting podcast as you enjoy your lunch. For more fun things you should do during your lunch break, check out this article by Forbes!

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