event space nyRight around the time following a lunch break, many people working in a corporate event space NY oftentimes fall into a slump. It is easy to start to feel a bit sluggish and unmotivated, but no worries! There are a number of ways to get your energy and creativity levels back up! If the event space NY allows, take a quick stroll around the space to wake yourself up. Moving around is a great way to pick up your energy and get back on track to your current project. If the location isn’t spacious enough, simply stand up at your workspace and try to get your back into the swing of your work that way; just removing yourself from the office chair could help you liven up. Need a little mood boost or inspiration break? Grab your earphones from your pocket and listen to one of your favorite songs. Taking this type of quick 3-4 minute break to have Maroon 5 or Beyonce brighten up your afternoon will be more than helpful in getting your work groove back on. When your mood is at a high, and your motivation levels are up, beating the mid-afternoon slump is a walk in the park! For more tips on how to get over feelings of lethargy and low energy at work, check out this article by Inc.!

event space ny